I Knew There Was a Spark

One regular day in Summer, Katelyn Banks' parents surprised her with Austin Mahone tickets. She didn't really like Austin as much as her little sister Haylie did, and her sister was devastated that Katelyn got to go and she didn't. You know, typical sister drama. As Katelyn walked towards the entrance to the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh with her best friend Taylor Rafford, there was Austin Mahone standing by his tour bus. Austin stared. Was there a SPARK between Katelyn and Austin? And how did Austin feel seeing Taylor again?


4. How Could I Be So Stupid?

I had totally forgotten about the thing with Taylor running away and all. There were 5 minutes left until he came on stage and I figured I might as well ask her why she ran now. She said " I had to pee..!". I wasn't buying it. I knew it was more than that. We sat there for a couple minutes just looking at each other. 3 minutes left. " Come on Taylor just tell me. Were you scared to talk to that hot guy?" I said. She became more and more nervous as I kept staring at her. 2 minutes. She was wasting time. I really wanted to know what was wrong. Maybe we could talk it out or something, you know? 1 minute. I was excited and kind of confused and pissed at the same time. " Jeez Katelyn I'll tell you after!" she shouted. She never yells.. Did I make her really mad? I was just trying to be a good friend. I'll just forget about this until the concerts over. I saw a little figure come on stage (because we were so high up) and I grabbed my binoculars to look at him clearly. He was walking around hitting the crowds hands. I then realized that he was wearing the same outfit as the hot guy I was talking to. At first I thought maybe the guy I was talking to really liked him and was wearing the same outfit. But no. That wasn't it at all. How didn't I know?! The hot guy I was talking to was Austin Mahone.

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