I Knew There Was a Spark

One regular day in Summer, Katelyn Banks' parents surprised her with Austin Mahone tickets. She didn't really like Austin as much as her little sister Haylie did, and her sister was devastated that Katelyn got to go and she didn't. You know, typical sister drama. As Katelyn walked towards the entrance to the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh with her best friend Taylor Rafford, there was Austin Mahone standing by his tour bus. Austin stared. Was there a SPARK between Katelyn and Austin? And how did Austin feel seeing Taylor again?


1. The Tickets

Hi, the names Katelyn Banks. I'm a brunette, with dark brown eyes. They almost look black. I come from a family of 3. Its just me, my dad, and my little sister Haylie. My mom died when I was 8. At the moment, im 16. My dad surprises me every Christmas with concert tickets. 2 years ago, I got Taylor Swift, and last year I got Justin Bieber tickets. Its always a tradition to go with my best friend named Olivia. But now this time, im taking my best friend that just moved next door this year named Taylor Rafford. We got Austin Mahone tickets. Im not too big of a fan of Austin. My sister is though. I barely even know what he looks like. Doesn't he have brown hair and brown eyes or something? Oh well. The seats are really high up. Anyways, Taylor just didn't seem excited at all for the concert. I keep asking her why but she wont tell me. Maybe its just that she probably doesn't know him good? My dad paid for her ticket. She better be fucking excited. Sorry I usually never swear its just that the whole taylor not being excited thing makes me mad. Well I better get some sleep. Oh yeah, I left out a tiny detail... the concert is tomorrow.

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