Don't Let Me Go (A Niall Horan fan fic)

A girl named Phoebe is abused by her father after her mother dies. This all started when she was 13 her mother got in a terrible accident and died, her father started getting abusive and Phoebes life started falling from then. Phoebe is now 18 she hasnt talked at all since she was 13, while phoebe gets something for her father she'll meet somebody that will change her life forever. And that somebody is Niall Horan.


1. chapter 1

Phoebe's POV

"PHOEBE! GET DOWN HERE NOW!" my father shouted. Hi i'm Phoebe May i hate my life and always have ever since my mother got in a terrible accident.


~ring ring ring~ the phone rings. I picked it up and said hello. "Hello" I say "Hello is this Phoebe May?" I hear a woman say in a serious voice. "Yes, and who is this" I ask "This is Officer Leah" the woman says. I stay silent for a few seconds because i know something bad happened than I finally say "whats wrong". "Honey can i speak to your father, is he there?" Officer Leah asks. I don't say anything and walk up stairs to my father. I tell him that its the police and he takes the phone and says "Hello this is Dave what the problem" and that is when i leave the room because I don't want to hear what happened. "WHAT NO! THAT CANT BE TRUE! YOU MUST HAVE THE WRONG PERSON SHE JUST WENT TO THE STORE!" I hear my father yell. I hear him throw the phone on the ground. I walked into my parents room and he was very angry I've never seen him like it... ever. See my family was a very happy family I had the best parents I can ever imagine. But my father was scaring me now it looked like he was about to pull out all of his hair he was breathing really hard and just then i asked "daddy what happened? Is it mom?" "SHUTUP PHOEBE I DON'T NEED TO HEAR IT NOW YOUR MOTHER IS DEAD NOW LEAVE GET OUT NOW!" my father yelled. I started crying i ran to my room and sobbed for i don't know how long.


Thats when it all started my dad got very sad started drinking and abusing. It felt like it got worse everyday. And after my mother died everybody at school knew and like before i got bullied but worse than usual hearing things like "oh now you don't have a mommy you little whore" or "ugly bitch, your going to die alone, no one will love you" stuff like that and after awhile i couldn't take it and fell into deep depression. I've had terrible anxitey issues as well ,shaking for minutes on end hearing these bullies voices in my head. I haven't talked once after my mothers death.

I was in a daze until I hear my father whip the door open "DID YOU HEAR ME I SAID TO COME DOWNSTAIRS!" he yelled. He then dragged me by my hair downstairs i winced as he let go but he started to kick me in the stomach, then my legs. It hurt to get up but I did. " Now go to the store and get me more beer!" he said. I hesitated "NOW" he yelled. "Worthless piece of shit" He mumbled as I walked out the door to go get beer. And i know what you thinking "why not run away" well I tried that once but he caught me and now he has one of his friends watch me as i go to the store. His "friend's" name is Steve and whenever my father goes out to do something he abuses me as well. I want to be dead, and that's why i cut ,i mean everyone around me says I'm worthless or a waste of a human. I wish my mother was here, she was the nicest person ever, my best friend. I thought my dad was amazing too but i was definitely wrong on that part. I pray to God that one day I will get away from all of this and walk away with no fear. I walked into to store and walked straight to the alcohol area i looked up from the ground and saw a gorgeous blond boy with the bluest most beautiful eyes that you can look into forever, looking at his phone. I looked back down though walking to where I always go to get my fathers favorite brand of beer.

Niall's POV

'I'm going to the store guys" I said to Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. "OK!" they all shouted in unison

~At the store~

I walked into the store and walked straight into the beer section because i know me and the lads need some more. ~buzz~ my phone vibrated i looked down at my phone and say a text from Louis saying "don't forget the beer!!!!!!!" I shook my head ,typical Louis I then looked up at my phone and saw a beautiful girl with red hair down to her waist and green eyes. She was wearing a quarter length shirt and shorts. I looked down a little and saw brusies up and down her legs and many scars. I felt so bad what happened to her? Did somebody do this to her? I walked over to her and lightly grabbed her shoulder, she flinched. "Oh, I'm sorry love didn't mean to startle you, i just wanted to see if you were alright" I said. She didn't say anything she started shaking though. God Niall you idiot you made her scared, stupid stupid stupid i thought to myself. she looked down and continued to walk away i looked uo and to the side and saw a big broad man looking very angry at her. That must be who's hurting this beautiful girl. When he looked away I ran up to the girl and picked her up and carried her by the shoulder and ran as fast as I could, she gasped but i kept running. About 10 minutes later i lost the man who was chasing us. We were very close to the flat now I put her down and said "Was that the man who gave you these bruises" she was still wide eyed and shaking but she put her hand up and shook her hand meaning "sort of". I wonder what she means by sort of, but I want to save this girl and keep her safe.

Phoebe's POV 

This is scaring me but i know this beautiful boy will help, I can feel it but I know my father will find me and probably kill me and this boy. We got to his flat and we walked in I on the other hand was still shaking terribly, I'm just so scared. When we walked in I saw 2 other very cute lads one with curly dark brown locks and green eyes and the other with blue eyes and light brown hair wrestling. Once we walked in the stopped and looked straight at me the one with the light brown hair pointed at me and yelled "who's that!!!!!!!" I flinched at the loudness in his voice. The beautiful blonde boy gave him an evil eye and walked me upstairs. We went into a room and this boy said "Sorry about them i have some crazy people as friends, I'm Niall" he said in a beautiful Irish accent. I just stared at him. He gave me a sentimental look and he whispered " You can talk to me" I was very scared at this point knowing that I haven't talked in 5 whole years, I don't feel prepared to talk. But I wanted to know this boy, I feel like I needed him. And at that moment i whispered to him "Phoebe".

*authors note*

Hi people this is my first fan fiction and i want to know what you think of it please give me feed back and give me some ideas i will update ASAP tell me what you think thanks!!!!

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