Being Oli's Girl <3


1. Taster

Amy woke up in a strange place. She had no idea where she was. Crap, have I been kidnapped? She thought to herself.


She absorbed her surroundings. She was laying in a four-poster bed, with the black curtains drawn, making her feel like a science experiment. A white duvet was draped over her semi-naked body - wait, semi-naked? Yep, looking down Amy realised she was only in a pair of her best underwear. She panicked some more - what if I were raped? her brain screamed.


She herd foot steps coming closer, so she quickly closed her eyes and faked being asleep. She herd the curtains draw back, and felt a presence beside her. A soft laugh echoed around her, and suddenly someone spoke.

"She looks cute asleep." he said, "like an angel."


Oh, my, god. Amy suddenly realised; THAT WAS OLI SYKES VOICE. Her eyes opened.




Hey its amy

First Movella lol wut

What do you think, this is just a taster, there is more to come

Well thanks for reading


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