Brother Sister Love

Ch.1: the beginning

(4 years old)

Mandy & Harry: "mommy help Harry's naked and he's TRYING to touch me"

Gigi & Zayn: "mum Zayn isn't giving up the mirror I wanna see my hair"

Patty & Louis: "Louis i want another piggyback ride"

Marilyn & Liam: "Li can I touch you hair? Pwease"
How is life gonna be being 1D little sisters?? Read to find out


1. Getting ready to meet all of them

Mandy's P.O.V: "Harry" I yelled up stairs and walked to the door. "What" harry asked sounding  annoyed. I turned around to see harry standing naked "oh god haz put some clothes on" i said while covering my face and throwing him some trousers. "What? it's not like u haven't seen it before!" "I don't care harry we were kids. Clothes now" I yelled at him with a serious face. "Fiiiinnnnneee" he yelled while dragging into the room. I was wearing a blue strapless crop top and acid washed ripped jeans with my blue converse and my dirty blonde hair straightened. *5 mins later* We walked out with harry fully dressed. In a plain white V-neck and black ripped at the knees jeans and black converse. We got into the car. I loved harry. He's the best big brother anyone could ask for. Oh yea forgot to mention that he's my brother. :) today is the day I meet the boys and their sisters. I'm kinda excited but nervous.   Harry's P.O.V.  I knew Mandy was excited about meeting the boys they are like my brothers and I wanted them to meet my adorable little sis but something in her dark green eyes told me she was nervous, she's never nervous. Why? "Hey M?" I need to know. "Yes" she said with a fake smile. "Why are u so nervous?" "What me nervous no" she said in an uncertain voice. "Ok i am it's just I never met the boys before and.." She responded and then I said "let me guess u have a crush on one of them" she nodded "who? Omg Mandy who?" I really wanted to know "ummmmm.............. I don't wanna say" she responded "no u have to tell me" she stepped on the break till the car came to a complete stop. "I don't have to tell u anything Harry" she said sounding angry "um no u don't but I would appreciate it if u told me" I responded sounding all sweet "Niall" I knew it "oh my god I knew it. U better not break his heart" I said joyful then serious "um it's not like I'm dating him" "not yet" I had to say it. She raised her eyebrows at me then smirked and we drove.   Gigi's P.O.V. "Gigi! Gigi! Gigi! Wake up!" I woke and slapped someone in the face. I rubbed my eyes and noticed it was my big brother Zayn. "Oh sorry Zayn" "it's ok I guess I deserved that for waking up for breakfast" he said annoyed. I got up and kissed the cheek I slapped. I walked down stairs and had breakfast and got dressed in a pink skirt and a white spaghetti strap and a pink sweater and pink flats with my dark black hair down and some loose curls. I walked to the car and waited for Zayn. Today was my first time meeting my brothers best friends I'm excited like really excited. Zayn then came out wearing black skinny jeans and a dark blue shirt with boots. Zayn P.O.V.  Gigi is finally gonna meet the guys and I know she fancies harry and if they date and he breaks her heart ill kill him. But my sis is gorgeous, she has tan skin and chocolate brown eyes so she could get harry if she wanted. The fact the she's gonna meet my best mates is really exciting. She meet Perrie when we were dating. Emphases on WERE as in past tense. Our schedules just weren't working out. "So Gigi are u excited" I asked. "Of course" she seemed really happy when she said that. I'm glad. This is gonna be an interesting day.   Patty's P.O.V. "Get up! Get up! Get up!" My brother Louis was screaming in my ear I got up and pushed him to the ground, "don't wake me up like that" I said staring into his blue eyes. "Well u might wanna get dressed big day today" what did he mean? I got my phone and checked my calendar it said "meet the boys, look cute" and I ran to the bathroom. I got dressed in a red V-neck tucked into my black capris and black suspenders I put on red and black vans and put my caramel hair loose with it messy yet gorgeous. I meet Louis down stairs he was wearing blue shorts with a white t-shirt and blue toms. We got into the car. Louis P.O.V. Omg I can't believe this my baby sis is gonna meet my mates. I know she has a thing for one of them I just can't get her to crack. I'm starting to give up. Well maybe I can figure it out today. All the boys are bringing their little sister but Niall is coming alone ha-ha and they are all 19 so that's a good thing. We are gonna hang out at Niall's flat for a bit. It's gonna be fun, I hope.   Marilyn P.O.V. It looks beautiful outside perfect day to meet the boys and apparently their sisters as well. We are gonna chill and talk and have a good time. I knocked on Liam's door. "Liam are u dressed" making sure. No answer. "Liam?" I asked again, no answer. I barged in to see Liam not there. I ran down stairs and he was in the living room fully dressed in a Beatles grey t-shirt and Grey jeans with vans while watching SpongeBob. I swear he may be older but I'm the more mature one. I ran up stairs and got dressed in a purple tie top and some blue skinny jeans with purple flats and my dark brown hair half up half down. I ran to the car. Liam's P.O.V. I got up extra early cause I couldn't sleep thinking about Mary and the boys meeting each other. Exciting stuff. Marilyn has a thing for Zayn I can see it without even having her tell me, I have psychic powers and also I saw her wallpaper it was Zayn. We got into the car and started driving. We turned up the radio. "I'm so excited and just can't hide it" started playing and we both looked at each other and started cracking up. We were on our way.     Niall's P.O.V. The boys are bringing their sister to meet each other. I'm over joyed yet nervous I've never meet them before and I can be shy. I got up extra early to get everything ready. I cleaned every bedroom, clean the kitchen, and made lunch (Pasta) and then got myself ready. I got dressed in kaki capris and a white tank top with white supras and I made sure my hair was ok. Hope this day turns out ok.
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