My Leprechaun

This is for my friend Bien (Niallen0903) she is also the co author for this one.
(People are real but story is fake!)
Bien works in Nandos. Little did she know, working there would change her life. She loved One Direction and her friends, Hannah and Nat, did too. Her life was full of happiness and love. Until one day, those happiness and love would last forever.

Bien as Jade Thirlwall
Hannah as Cher Lloyd
Niall Horan as Himself
Harry Styles as Himself
Louis Tomlinson as Himself
Liam Payne as Himself
Zayn Malik as Himself


1. Meeting Niall

(Bien POV)

I was working at Nandos as usual and saw 5 familiar faces. I knew exacty who it was. The familiar faces of One Direction! They sat down and scanned the menu. I went to their table and did my waitress thing.

"I'll have a bucket of chicken wings please." Niall ordered.

"Rest of us will have 2 pieces of chicken." Harry said giving me a wink. THE FEELS. (He is not flirting! he is just like that...)

I went back and gave the order to the "chef" as he preferred to be called. When he was done, I went to their table and served it. When they were done I gave them the bill. I went back to the counter and just looked at them (not in a creepy way!). I noticed Niall writing something. I bet it was just a tip.They left and thanked me. I went to their table and noticed a tip on the table. When I was counting the tip. I found a slip of paper. It had one of their numbers. I turned it over to see if it had a name. On the back, it said Niall. Oh.My.God. I was fangirling in the inside. Minutes passed by then I left to go home. Hannah, my best friend, lived with me.

"Hey" I waved at Hannah while placing my bag on the counter. 

"Sup gurl?" Hannah said back. 

"Hannah Banana, guess what?!" I had this HUGE grin on my face.

"What?!" Hannah mocked my voice, ugh!

"A cute blonde guy gave me his number!" I was jumping up and down.

"Calm down!," I stopped jumping. "What's his name?!"

"Clue number 1. He is in a band. Clue number 2. He is Iri-" I didnt get to finish!! She cutted me off.

"NIALL. ITS NIALL!" She screamed.

We were both jumping up and down holding both hands. We were fangirling like cray cray! Suddenly she stopped. She gave me a smirk. what now?

"call him." Her smirk became a grin.

"NO!" I crossed my arms. 

"why not?" She gave me a puppy face. I cant say no to that face!

"Fine, but, I have no clue what to say!" She gave me another smirk. "No, im not going to say 'hi! Im the waitress who you gave the number to!'" I facepalmed.

"your right...." DUHHHHHHH!

We started to think really hard. gosh, its hard to deal with what to say!

"OH isnt Nat dating Zayn?" Our faces brightened. 

Nat was our best friend. We known her since we were fifth grade. Lucky her, she gets to date 1/5 of One Direction.

"Yeah, I'll call her" We were so happy. 

I pulled out my phone looked through my contacts. Dang, I have lots of friends! I kept scrolling and found Nat. I started ringing and placed it on speaker. I held my phone in between Hannah and I.

"Hey whats up?" I heard Nat say.

"Nat can you come over? its a emergency!" Hannah and I said at the same time. JINX!

"Um. yah, sure! Whats wrong?" She sounded worried LLN (Laughing Like Niall).

"Ok. So Niall gave me his number and I have no clue what to do! if I call him I wouldn't know what to say!" I was talking like really fast.

"Ok. Im on my way!" How did she understand that? 


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