Endless Love

"If you love someone put their name in a circle not a heart, a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever..."


11. "We're going to grandmas house today sweetie.."

"Mom, is it ok if Zayn comes over today?"

"We're going to grandmas house today sweetie.."

"What if you guys go to her house, I stay home so Zayn and I can watch a movie?"

"Why don't you go to the movie theaters instead?"

"Ummm because we want to watch a movie that isn't in theaters anymore? Zayn is going to stop and rent the movie on his way here..That is if you give him...well us the permission?"

"Alright, he can come but the house has to be clean and Skyler please be careful."

"Yay! Thanks mom! I'll text Zayn to let him know.. Oh! I better go get ready. Thanks again mom, I love you!" I said as I hugged her.


"Bye honey. Take care and text me when Zayn gets here." My Mon said as she headed out the door. The rest of the family was already in the car waiting for mom to get in the car. I waved goodbye as I watched the car leave the drive way. It was such a beautiful day outside that I decided to sit out in the porch for while, when I saw Zayn's car pull up in the drive way. 

"Hey babe!" I yelled out as I went towards his car welcoming him with a big hug and a kiss. 

"Woah woah Skyler, I just got here. Let's wait so we can take it inside ya know.. Where it's more private."

"Ha ha very funny Zayn, I was just welcoming you. That's as far as were getting tonight." 

He chuckled and said "We'll see how you feel about that later.."

I grabbed his hand and started walking towards the door. 

"What movie did you get?"

"I got Megamind, since you said you wanted to see it. You're such a kid ha ha."

"Whatever Zayn. Popcorn?Drink?"

"No thanks Skyler, I'm good"

"Alright then I guess we're ready to watch this sucker." I went over to turn off the lights and cuddle next to Zayn. 


I smile up at Zayn as he starts getting on top of me. Gently kissing my next which would lead to the removal of both of our clothes leaving us with nothing but our underwear.

"Zayn.. Why don't we take this to my bed?" I told him to take his clothes up to my room and I'll meet him up there. He was on his way when I stayed back to turn on the lights and lock the door with the chain, just so if my parents come it will give us time to change. By the time I was back Zayn was already laying in my bed. He got up and came towards me.. He pushed me up against the wall and also managed to turn off the lights in my room. He carried me to bed and started to get on top of me. Kissing my neck as he starts grinding up against my me as I push my hips up to meet his body. He kisses me in the most passionate way..slowly and gently he moves throughout my whole body always coming back to my lips. "Zayn.." I breath into his ear, I didn't mean to but it just happened. He bites his lips and says "Skyler.. do you really want to do this?" To be honest I really really wanted him to be in me already, but I was scared. I promised myself I was going to wait till marriage.. "Do you want to do this Zayn?"

"No fair, I asked first. Honestly, yes..yes I do Skyler." I let out a little moan, "Come on Skyler. You know you want to do it as much as me.. Do you?"

"I really do Zayn, but I want to wait till marriage..Sorry"

"No worries Skyler, I respect that." He stopped grinding up against my, but I still felt that his was hard. 

"I'm sorry for making you do this Skyler." he was getting off me when I grabbed him and rolled us over putting me on top. 

"Zayn, no need to apologize. I WANTED to do this.."

I said as I started to kiss his lips and grind up against his.

"Skyler...." he moaned, "what are we going to do then?"

"We can keep doing this, just don't put it in..please."

We did this for a while, then we decided to just lay in my bed. We started to talk as I rested my head on his chest. Laying against his warm body as we talked about who knows what. I checked my phone and it was already 9 o'clock. My parents would be back soon... I told Zayn about it and we quickly got out of bed and started to change. He helped me fix up my bed as I sprayed perfume on and fixed my hair. When we were done, we both headed downstairs to watch TV. Since then this was how our Saturdays would go, whenever I went to his house or he came to mine and our parents weren't home.

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