Endless Love

"If you love someone put their name in a circle not a heart, a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever..."


14. maybe Niall got a new colon

*Zayn's point of view*

"I love you to Zayn. . ." She said as I spun her around so she was facing me now, but still had her body against mine. I couldn't help but notice a smell that seemed like colon coming off from her. It didn't smell like mine, so it had me wondering. What if she was cheating on me? I quickly shook that question out of my head. Skyler would never do that to me. "You have to go now Zayn, you don't want to be late," she said to me as I let go. I loved the sound of her sweet voice, especially when she said she loved me. I kissed her on her forehead goodbye and headed to my next class. I had drama which was held in the school's basement and was too far for me to walk Skyler to her class and still make it on time for mine. As I walked to class I started to wonder again about he smell.. maybe she was just standing next to a guy who put a spray to much on this morning... maybe Niall got a new colon... No, that can't be it... I was with Niall at lunch and he didn't smell like that... Could she have hugged Louis? No, Louis doesn't smell like that either.. 

*Skyler's point of view* 

I sat down next to my friend Eleanor Calder, Ellie for short.

"Hey girly."

"Hey Ellie."

*sniff sniff* "Smells like Zayn got a new colon maybe?"

"What do you mean?"

"You smell like colon and it doesn't smell like you usual smell after lunch..I assumed Zayn got a new colon..?" 

I smelled my shirt and she was right... I did smell like a guy, but not my guy.. "Oh, I do smell different.. It's probably from the guy I walked behind. He sprayed some colon on since he came out from the gym." 

"Ha ha alright. I bet he put on a lot since it left a smell on you." 

"Yeah, ha ha" even I can tell my laugh wasn't real. Throughout the whole class I couldn't help but wonder if Zayn smelled the colon. I mean I just sat next to Eleanor and she smelled it, image Zayn who was holding me close to his body. 

****Bell rings****

I sprayed on perfume as I walked out the class room with Eleanor.

"Bye Sky, I'll text you later."

"Bye Ellie, you better!"

"Hey El." 

"Hey Zayn." She said as Zayn jogged right past her.

"What are you doing here so early? The bell just rang a few minutes ago.." 

 ***Zayn's point of view***

"Mr.Simons let us out a bit early.." 

"Ah... I see.." she said to me as I put my arm around her waist.

She smelled like her own perfume now... is she trying to cover it up so I won't notice.... If she was, it was to late..

"What do you want to do after school today?My parents won't be home till late" I said to her giving her a cheeky smile.

"Lol, in that case what are we still doing here?"

"Very funny Missy, we still have two other classes left to go to though.."

"So? What do you say we have an early out today?" She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, I could never say no to her.. not with those eyes looking at me the way she does.She grabbed my hand and started pulling me to the doors that lead us to my car. 


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