Endless Love

"If you love someone put their name in a circle not a heart, a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever..."


3. Immediately I snapped out of the transe...

'Uggghhhhh I hate when teachers close their classroom doors.. It requires me to knock and awkwardly walk into a class' I thought to myself as I knock on her door. "Zayn, can you please open the door?" I heard her say through the door. 'OMG.. Zayn.. Could he be the one Niall was talking about?" That's when the door opened, I looked up to see the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in my life. He had an amazing sun tan which made his gorgeous brown eyes stand out a lot, brown hair that flips a bit up. It seems that he has a piercing on each ear with black looking earings. I'm usually not a big fan of piercings on guys but I have to admit on him.. it actually turned me on a bit. He had a black shirt and khaki pants his clothes fitted his body just right that I noticed that this guy had muscles on him. 

"Come in sweetie" I heard Mrs.Williams say from her desk.

Immediately I snapped out of the transe Zayn seemed to put me in.. As I walked in I turned to Zayn and smiled at him. It was my way of thanking him for opening the door. It was awkward walking into her class.. it was silent and it felt like all of her students were staring right at me. 

"Get the stool and sit next to me Skyler. We need to talk, and class stop being nosy and get back to work." I giggled a bit as I sat down turning my body towards her. "I heard around the hall that you wanted to talk to me Missy" I said jokingly to her. She laughed a bit and said "Well, hot shot I was looking at your test scores the other day and noticed you had a really high score and I plainly don't like the fact that you're in my regular class so I switched up your schedule so you can be in this class period then go to Schulze class."

"Soooo you really didn't want to talk. You just wanted to inform me about the change you made to my schedule.. Seems legit.."  

"Looks like your girlfriend is going to be in your class Malik.Maybe this will give you a chance to 'study' with her some time" I heard Louis say to Zayn. "Very funny" he said back.

"So, Mrs.Williams when do I start this new schedule of mine?"  

"Tomorrow instead of going to Schulze's class you come to mine, but for now you can go back to Schulze's class" 

"You're kicking me out now? Alright, I see how it is Williams." I said as I headed towards the door. To my surprise I saw Zayn getting up and opened the door for me. "Aren't you a gentlemen? Thank you." I said to him as I gave him a flirtatious smile, which is odd to me because I'm not the kind who tends to flirt with guys but with him it came natural. "No problem." He said and if I may, it seemed like he was blushing...


After class I was expecting to see Niall waiting for me at my locker, so we can head off to class as usual however to my surprise it seemed like he had company with him. 

"Hey Niall." I said as I gave him a hug.

"Hey Sky, I would like to properly introduce you to this handsome lad. His name is Zayn. Zayn Malik." Niall said as he gestured towards Zayn.

"Hi Zayn. My name is Skyler, but as you heard Nialler over here calls me Sky."

"Hi Skyler, nice to properly meet you." I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful brown eyes that always seem to sparkle, which is surprising considering the bad lighting we've been having in the halls lately. 

"We best be heading off to class, the bell already rang and we do not want to be late."

I snapped out of the daze and realized I was still staring at him. He was blushing..so was I... before I knew it Niall was pulling my arm. I managed to turn back to look at Zayn wave goodbye and say "See you in class tomorrow Zayn." He waved back at me with a smile in agreement as he turned around heading to class I assume.


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