Endless Love

"If you love someone put their name in a circle not a heart, a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever..."


17. 'Hey DJ Malik!!!! What's up?'

***Skyler's POV***

"You know..this is my first time ever skipping class.."

"Really?I thought you've done it before, since you seemed so calm.. I think you were more freaked out the first time we went to my house instead of the movies like we---well you told your parents." he chuckled a bit as he remembered that date.

I studied his face, something I haven't done in a while. It was absolutely amazing the way his beautiful brown eyes glistened in the sun, and the way his lips looked so perfect."I love you Zayn, I love you SO much..", it was silent for a bit as if he were thinking what to say next. Why would he need time to think? Was he going to say he loved me back? Does he still love me?What if he doesn't anymore...What if he never even did?Am I just over reacting? Why hasn't he said anything? At that moment I felt him grab my hand in an assuring grip. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I love you to Skyler and I want you to know that. You mean the world to me, you are MY world and if I were to lose you...it would kill me.." 


'Good Morning Skyler (:'

'Good Morning Zayn (: How are you?' 

'I'm good.. I'm not working at the bakery today, so we have the whole day to spend together(: What do you want to do today?(;'

'Hmmmmm what if we go to the mall...ummmm movies...then we can come back to my house and just be together?'

'Sounds good Skyler, but how about after going to the mall I take you to diner and then come to my house and watch a movie here?(;'

'That sounds even better love (: I'll just ask my parents..see if they let me go (:'

'Alright, but this time tell your mum EXACTLY where we are going. Don't lie to them, please. (:'

'Alright.. I will just let me change.. eat breakfast and ask for permission. I'll text you afterwards Zayn. I love you XOxoxo'

'I love you to Skyler XO'

I went downstairs and walked into the smell of delicious bacon and pancakes. My favorite "Yum. Smells good mommy,"

"Good morning sweetie, now what do you want?"

"Ummmm can I go out with Zayn today?"

She sighed a bit "Sweetie.. Don't you think you're spending a little to much time with Zayn nowadays. I know you two are dating but.. I mean when was the last time you and Niall spent time together without Zayn.."

"Mom.. Niall and I are still just friends and.. I still talk to him.." 

"Really? When was the last time you guy-"

"Yesterday we ate lunch together," I interrupted her.

"I mean without Zayn.. I know he's a nice boy honey, but your still young...All I'm saying is..you two should also spend time with other friends.."

"Ugh, alright mom....Can I still go with Zayn?"

"Sky, did you seriously not hear a word I just said?"

"I did mommy and I promise you that I'll call Niall later on today and see if he wants to do something tomorrow.. Yes?"

"Oh Alright, I guess..."

"Yes! I better go get ready so I can call Zayn to pick me up." 

"Not so fast young lady. You are not leaving until you finish your breakfast.


Zayn's POV 

'Hey DJ Malik!!!! What's up?'

'Hey Lou, ha ha nothing much how about you?'

'I'm good. Haven't talked to you in a while.. What's that all about?'

'Sorry man, you know.. I've just been with Skyler a lot..'

'Nah, it's cool bra I understand. How about to make it up we hang out tomorrow? Just us bros?'

'Sounds good, just name the place and time. I'll be there."

'I'll text ya the details later Malik. So what's a handsome lad like you going to do today?'

'Ha ha what do you think I'm going to do?'

'Skyler, ha ha you guys have fun.'

'Very funny Lou I'm just taking her out to eat and spend time with her.'

'Mhhhhh anyways I should go Eleanor is coming over and my room is a MESS' 

'Hope you two have fun (; ha ha'

'Very funny Malik, see ya later lad!' 

I looked at the clock and it was still 9 o'clock.. not even a minute has passed.. at least it felt like time was going so slow. I finally decided to get up and changed. I was heading downstairs when I felt my phone vibrate, I looked at the screen and it was a message from Skyler. 

'Hey babe! My mom said I can spend the day with you(: I'm finishing up getting ready..'

'ha ha I just finished getting ready. I'm going to eat breakfast and head out, see ya in a bit love XO'

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