My badboy - Jake T. Austin

Alana Sukul just moved from London to L.A in America with her best friends Sara Haziri and Madhia Dosti. Alana and Sara mainly came there to focus on their singing with Madhia to tag along and move in together. but when the person who signs them is Justin bieber (Alana absolutly hates him but Sara is a Belieber and so is madhia) he forces us to get an education and thats when it all happend... (Is appropriate for all readers)


3. W'ere there

Sara's Pov: OMB it was soooo hot we decided to take of our jumpers and I guess a few guys were staring at us but that was it. We quickly got to our house as we all blindfolded ourselves because we didn't want to spoil the surprise for each of us. As we took it off all of us were speechless it was soo amazing there was a fire place, 60 inch 3D tv , a massive kitchen and finally we got to our favourite part... The bedroom, we all claimed ours as we all got queen-sized beds and we jumped straight on it looking at our closets and bathrooms. 


Mahdia's POV:

The place was huge like literally gigantic I could get lost in it and we got it for cheap rent it was such a great deal. As soon as we came back downstairs I decided to help Sara and Alana make a youtube video of them singing die in your arms by justin bieber, they sounded so good they are so gonna get signed by people :D 


Authors note~~~

Yay they finally got into L.A and into their big house how do you think it's going this is only my second movella so i'm not like a pro or anything any way please like and comment thanks.

Alana Sukul <3 

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