My badboy - Jake T. Austin

Alana Sukul just moved from London to L.A in America with her best friends Sara Haziri and Madhia Dosti. Alana and Sara mainly came there to focus on their singing with Madhia to tag along and move in together. but when the person who signs them is Justin bieber (Alana absolutly hates him but Sara is a Belieber and so is madhia) he forces us to get an education and thats when it all happend... (Is appropriate for all readers)


2. leaving + almost there

Alana's POV:

ALANA GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE IT'S TIME TO GOOO!!! Sara shouted from downstairs. Coming I replied wiping away my tears and dragging my suitcase out the room and down the stairs. Are you girls excited my mom asked, yes we all replied excitedly. Well you girls have fun and Alana be safe and I will call you when you reach there and get off the plane my mom said. Yeah OK okay OK I said quickly dragging Sara and Mahdia into the car while my mom was still going on about things that I haven't left behind. Ohhh and don't forget to Skype me my mom said as she hugged me with tears in her eyes as she said my baby is growing up. Thats when Sara started to crack up as I playfully shot her a glare I gave my mom a quick peck on the cheek as I got in the car and drove off to the airport.


skip to when w'ere on the plane~~~~

Oh My Bieber I can see it through the window we're almost there she said shaking me and mahdia very excitedly. People just started staring at us as I just mouth sorry and pointed to Sara and made a little crazy sign then they stopped staring. I guess Sara saw because then she playfully hit me with a magazine.

Authors note:

OMB  how did you guys like it so far... anyway thanks for reading and um i'm kinda a bit puzzled because I think you guys are not reading this and I just wasted all my time writing this for nothing so please tell me to update if u want me to thanks that would be alot of help :D

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