My badboy - Jake T. Austin

Alana Sukul just moved from London to L.A in America with her best friends Sara Haziri and Madhia Dosti. Alana and Sara mainly came there to focus on their singing with Madhia to tag along and move in together. but when the person who signs them is Justin bieber (Alana absolutly hates him but Sara is a Belieber and so is madhia) he forces us to get an education and thats when it all happend... (Is appropriate for all readers)


1. Goodbye

Alana's POV:

goodbye was all I said as I exited through the door.I was really going to miss this house even if it is old.I'm going to miss the old gym downstairs, 6 of my 55 inch Tv's in everyroom and especially my old torn up barbie wallpapered bedroom.

Oopsie I almost for got to introduce you to me. Hi i'm Alana Sukul but just call me Alana :D i'm 16 right now (not real age) and right now i'm just moving to L.A with my best friend Sara Haziri and Mahdia Dosti.I'm excited beacuse I'm moving to THE L.A but i'm also sad because I have to leave most of my friends behind :( .

I mostly moved here with my friends to focus on me and my best friends singing career hoping one day we'll get signed but turns out our manager is Justin Bieber and yes I know most of you guys would kill to be in our spot but I don't because I absolutely hate him, I don't know why but ever since he became famous I always hated him. There was just something about him that annoyed me.

1) he's bigheaded

2) he's vain

3) he's annoying!!!!!

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