My name is Payton Young. I am 19 years old and from London, England. I guess you can say I'm famous.

I have a little sister, Jess, who is 9. Our parents are divorced and we live with our mom in London. Our dad lives in New York. Jess and I get along well with our parents. It just so happens, we only get to see our dad a few times a year.

I have two best friends, Carter and Tyler. Carter is a girl and Tyler is a boy. They are my age and we are out of school. We are trying to convince our parents to let us move into a flat together. It's not working out so well. All three of us are the bestest of friends though.

I've had many boyfriends in my life. Even one of them was Tyler, but that didn't work out too well. We made up and we are still best friends.

I actually have a boyfriend at the moment. Kinda. . .

I was hired to date Harry Styles.


7. Chapter 7

Payton's POV-

We just finished the 2nd Harry Potter. I went to go play the 3rd one, but Harry stopped me. "Can I ask you something?" he asks. "Sure." I say. "Why did you do it?" he asks. Okay, I was not expecting that question. "Do you really want to know?" I ask and he nods his head in response. "Because of you." I say, looking in his eyes. "What?!" he asks. "You kill me. You do. I hated you, then we started over, a clean slate. Then you go and mess it up again. We fight, you apologize, we kiss, we fight, you apologize, we kiss. It's the same thing over and over again. (so we can start it all over again! Sorry, I had to do that. (: ) The second I was starting to actually fall for you, you screwed it up. I was so fed up with you apologizing again, so I did it. You made me do it." I say never looking away from his eyes. He just stares at me with shock. I am not going to take it back. I mean he was the reason I did it. Yeah I forgave him, but I still did it because of him.

"Payton! Jess and I are home!" My mom yells as she walks through the door. After what I told Harry, he left without saying a word. I don't really care anyway. I need some time away from him.

To: Kimberly <3: I need to talk.

From: Kimberly <3: Want to sleep over?

To: Kimberly <3: Be there in 20 minutes.


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