My name is Payton Young. I am 19 years old and from London, England. I guess you can say I'm famous.

I have a little sister, Jess, who is 9. Our parents are divorced and we live with our mom in London. Our dad lives in New York. Jess and I get along well with our parents. It just so happens, we only get to see our dad a few times a year.

I have two best friends, Carter and Tyler. Carter is a girl and Tyler is a boy. They are my age and we are out of school. We are trying to convince our parents to let us move into a flat together. It's not working out so well. All three of us are the bestest of friends though.

I've had many boyfriends in my life. Even one of them was Tyler, but that didn't work out too well. We made up and we are still best friends.

I actually have a boyfriend at the moment. Kinda. . .

I was hired to date Harry Styles.


22. Chapter 22

Harry's POV-

I've been trying to call Payton for a few days now, but she won't answer. She won't answer any of the boys either. 

"I'm just going to go over there," I say to myself.


I drive to her house. Once I get there she opens the door. She realizes it's me and goes to slam the door in my face, but I was prepared for that.

I put my hand on the door and force it to stay open.

"Harry I don't want to talk to you!" she yells.

"Payton, why are you so angry with me?" I ask and she finally gives up and lets go of the door.

"I loved you and you listened to management and you threw away everything we had together. How could you?" she says and begins to cry.

"Please don't cry," I say and try to pull her in my arms.

"Don't touch me," she says and pushes me away from her.


Payton's POV-

I look at his face and see pain. I pushed him away. Not only physically, but mentally. God I love him. I wish I could run into his arms and hold him and tell him I love him and take him back. But it's not that easy. He made a choice to breakup with me and I can't take him back.

"You made a choice Harry. It's over," I say.

"It can't be over! I love you more than anything, Payton! Why can't you understand that?!" he yells and pushes me against the wall behind me.

"Harry you're scaring me," I say and look away from his face. He gently kisses my neck and jawline.

"Pay, look at me," he says. I'm curious. So I do. It takes me back to when I met him. His eyes are green, but they're dark. I used to be scared of them, but right now they turn me on.

Payton stop it! You can't go back to him!

"Fall in love with me all over again," he whispers and gently kisses my lips.


Should I give him a second chance?

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