My name is Payton Young. I am 19 years old and from London, England. I guess you can say I'm famous.

I have a little sister, Jess, who is 9. Our parents are divorced and we live with our mom in London. Our dad lives in New York. Jess and I get along well with our parents. It just so happens, we only get to see our dad a few times a year.

I have two best friends, Carter and Tyler. Carter is a girl and Tyler is a boy. They are my age and we are out of school. We are trying to convince our parents to let us move into a flat together. It's not working out so well. All three of us are the bestest of friends though.

I've had many boyfriends in my life. Even one of them was Tyler, but that didn't work out too well. We made up and we are still best friends.

I actually have a boyfriend at the moment. Kinda. . .

I was hired to date Harry Styles.


20. Chapter 20

*Still Payton's P.O.V*

I looked back in Harry's eyes. I couldn't let him leave One Direction. They needed him.

"Harry, that's sweet but I don't want you to do that." he looked at me confused.

"What do you mean?"

"One Direction needs you. Your fans need you. I think it's best to not get back together."

"But Payton, I love you. I don't want to date any other girl. I want you and only you. I know there's plenty fish in the sea but I know in my heart that you're the one."

"Harry, I love you to but it's best. I don't want to be the reason why a lot of girls killed themselves because you left and I don't want to be the reason why the boys are broken up. Now I have to leave." I walked about and went back home. I ran up stairs to my room. I got a text from Louis.

From Lou: Hey! I heard Harry and you bumped into each other at the store. Harry told me everything.

I replied back.

To Lou: Yeah. I don't want him to leave One Direction. It would brake my heart if I heard that girls hated me for that.

Louis text back shortly after I sent it.

From Lou: Well I just want  you to know he really cares about you and I hope you give him a second chance. 

I turned off my phone. I can't just get back together with him. I just can't.


Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait. Hoped you liked to the chapter. Love you guys! 





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