My name is Payton Young. I am 19 years old and from London, England. I guess you can say I'm famous.

I have a little sister, Jess, who is 9. Our parents are divorced and we live with our mom in London. Our dad lives in New York. Jess and I get along well with our parents. It just so happens, we only get to see our dad a few times a year.

I have two best friends, Carter and Tyler. Carter is a girl and Tyler is a boy. They are my age and we are out of school. We are trying to convince our parents to let us move into a flat together. It's not working out so well. All three of us are the bestest of friends though.

I've had many boyfriends in my life. Even one of them was Tyler, but that didn't work out too well. We made up and we are still best friends.

I actually have a boyfriend at the moment. Kinda. . .

I was hired to date Harry Styles.


11. Chapter 11

Third Person POV-

"Harry! How could you?!" Payton yells, scaring Harry and the unknown girl that were making out. The love of Payton's life, or so she thought, has just cheated on her. Harry runs up to Payton, ignoring the unknown girl. "Payton, no! It isn't what it looks like!" Harry says, holding onto Payton's arm to make her stay. "Yes it is! You cheated on me! I loved you and you hurt me! I know you never cared about me!" she yells, trying to get out of his strong grasp. She looks up into his green eyes and sees something she wished to never see again. Darkness.

"Payton, you don't understand! You're being really stupid and immature! She kissed me!" he yells, as Payton screams in terror for her life, with tears endlessly falling out of her eyes. "LET GO OF ME!" she yells.

Suddenly, Harry's dark and evil eyes soften. He lets go of her. Payton immediately runs away as fast as possible.

Harry falls to the ground, crying hard, as he punches the floor, repeatedly. Then something clicks in his mind. Darkness instantly rushes through his veins, yet again. "YOU! GET OUT OF HERE!" he yells at the unknown girl. She runs out and he just slams the door on her.

Harry cries, cries, and cries, as the darkness slowly flushes out of his body. He knows he did nothing wrong. She kissed him first, yet he never kissed back. As the unknown girl held him there through the kiss, he was thinking of one thing and one thing only.




Crazy chapter! Hope you guys are enjoying this story! Please comment what you think!

~Cammy xx.

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