The moment my life changed

April loves one dorection and so does her cousin Elena. April has suffer alot in her lofe her dad died when she was six because he owed money to people it was only her mom ,her cousin and her . I hope u like it no mean comments .


7. Chapter 7

Elena's P.O.V

When i entered the room and saw my little cousin just laying in the bed with cuts i couldnt help but cry.  Harry hugged me tight and told me not to cry that she was gonna be ok and kissed my forehead . That made me feel a lot better.

Im hungry. Louis said 

Im hungry to but someone has to stay with April. I said

il stay with April. Niall said 

Ok Niall me and the guys will go buy food and come back. I said

Niall P.O.V

While the guys and Elena went to get food i stayed with April she looked so peaceful.

Niall. She whispered 

Yes April. I said 

Did you mean it when you said you loved me in the house. She asked

Yea i did. I said looking at her eyes 

She smiled

I leaned in to kiss her but she backed away

Did you like my cheesecake. She said trying to change the topic

Yeah, you make a mean cheesecake. I said smiling

She smiled

It was so tempting looking at her lips and not kiss her. I decided to try to kiss her again this time shi did kiss me back it felt so right and here lips were so soft, then i was brought out of my thoughts when someone said Niall likes April. I turned around and saw Louis

April's P.O.V

When kissed me i didnt want him to stop i knew i wanted tovsped the rest of my life with him but what if he didn't like after he found out i was 13 and not 16 like he thought.

Then Louis and the pthers came in.

When Elena saw that i was awake she cane running to me 

I hate you i thought you where gonna die . She said holding back tears

Dont say that. I said trying to hold back my tears but failed miserbly 

I never want you to leave my side again im afraid this might happen again. She said

Dont be afraid cause i trust you and i know you will look out for me and so will i . I said

Can i have some time alone with April guys. Elena said

Sure they said

What did he do to you April. She said

Tears started rolling down my cheecks as i told her he raped me and punched me and how he shot me in the leg.

April your only 13 how could you let him rape you. She said

He said if i didnt go with it he would kill you and mom. Started crying even harder

April i dont know if i could go on with my life if you werent there for me i would probably kill myself. She said 

I hugged her if i died i would want you to  have a happy life and go on  cause i will always be watching over you. I said with a smile on my face. So what has happend. I asked 

Well im dating Harry. She said with a smile

and i got drunk the day you got kidnapped and lost my virginity to Zayn.

I gasped i thought you where dating Harry. I said 

I am that happend before me and Harry started dating. She said

So what has happend to you. She asked

Well Naill told me he loved me yesterday when he found me on the ground and when u guys where gone i woke up and aked him if he ment it when he said he loved me  and he said he did then he leaned to kiss me but i backed away then he tried to kiss me again this time i kissed back and it felt so good , so right i didnt want him to stop but im afraid he will stop loving me if he found out i was 13 and not 16 like he thinks . I said

April age is but a number if he really loved you he wouldnt care how old you are; you like your 16 anyways just keep it like that until you think he deserves to know your real age. She said


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