The moment my life changed

April loves one dorection and so does her cousin Elena. April has suffer alot in her lofe her dad died when she was six because he owed money to people it was only her mom ,her cousin and her . I hope u like it no mean comments .


5. Chapter 5

Elena's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of laughter and the i noticed i wasn't in my house and that i wasn't wearing any clothes. I saw my red underwear and my union jack shirt and put them on and went downstairs. I saw Harry in the hallway

Hello beautiful. Said harry

Hey Hazza. I said and smiled, where are we i asked

We are in Zayn's flat. He said 

I then remembered last night Zayn was great in bed, he knew exactly what he was doing, i then realized that i lost my virginity to Zayn Malik.

Elena would you... Harry said bringing me out of my toughts

Would i what. I aked Harry

Would you go out with me? He asked 

Yes!! I said

He leaned in and kissed me i kissed him back. It felt right how or lips sync with each other. I slowly pulled away and smiled wait here i said as i went upstairs to put my pants on and take my phone.

i went downstairs and noticed i had 2 missed calls from my aunt so i called her it was ringing when all of the sudden someone came from behind and screamed like there was no tomorrow

soon all of the boys came rushing in and asked what happend. I said Harry scared me they laughed its not funny i said then i remembered thatmy aunt was on the other line and she was still there soo i told the boys to shut up and did a really happy voice.

Hey aunt Meg is April with you. I asked

No honey she didnt come last night i tought she was with you. She said a little concerned

Well she isn't yesterday at the concert she went to the bathroom but never came back, i texted her and she said she didnt feel good so she went home.

Suddenly my phone started buzzing in my ear i was getting another call it was April, call you later aunt Meg im getting another call. 

April you had me worried where are you?!? I said

Look skank if you ever want to se your cousi again you have to pay me ten thousand dollars in cash. Said a masculine voice.

Don't you touch her asshole!!! I screamed

I wouldn't have said that if i were you. Said the man

Yeah and what are you gonna do. I said

I heard a gun shot and i heard April scream in agony

April!!! I screamed 

You have till tomorrow night to give me the money, put it behind the trash can in the starlight museum Said the man, then hung up.

Tears started rolling down my cheecks . Harry gave me hug to try to comfort me

whats wrong? They asked 

It's April. I said holding back my tears

Whats wrong with April? Niall asked 

She's been kidnapped. I said

By who? Naill asked

I don't know but i heard a gun shot and then i heard her screamed in pain. We got to find her guys. I said

he said i have till tomorrow to pay him ten thousand dollars in cash or he will kill her. I said crying.

Don't cry will find her.Harry said

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