The moment my life changed

April loves one dorection and so does her cousin Elena. April has suffer alot in her lofe her dad died when she was six because he owed money to people it was only her mom ,her cousin and her . I hope u like it no mean comments .


10. Chapter 10

Harry's P.O.V

April what did you do to my conditioner. I screamed my hair was purple

i had a pie in my hand April was standing in front of Niall so i throwedthe pie she most have known i was behind her cause she bended down and the pie hit Niall in the face instead  of April

Elena's P.O.V

A week passed and i was feeling really bad i pucked and i was hungrier than usual so i decided to do a pragnacy test when i saw what it said i bursted into tears i was pregnant.




Im sorry thi chapter was short i dont know if i can upload tomorrow but i will try my best. I will start another book soon so im hosting a contest im gonna pick 3 winners and they will be on me next book. Comment below




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