The moment my life changed

April loves one dorection and so does her cousin Elena. April has suffer alot in her lofe her dad died when she was six because he owed money to people it was only her mom ,her cousin and her . I hope u like it no mean comments .


1. Chapter 1

Hi im April im 13 i love One Direction and so does my cousin,she lives in Florida so she only comes visit on summer; luckily One Direction is coming on concert to my country i was so exited. 

April's P.O.V

I was so exited later today was the One Direction meet and greet and then the concert.My phone rang and i saw it was my cousin Elena she had sended me a text saying she would come pick me up in around an hour,so i went and got bath quickly then i let my hair in a towel until it got dryed then i got dressed i used a strapless peach shirt ,black high waisted shorts and black converse i had my necklace that said my name it was made of actual gold so it cost alot and i didn't loke anybody touching it. I took the towel of my hair and blow dryed what was still wet after that i put my my long blond hair in a bun and applied a little makeup on, suddenly my phone rang again and i saw Elena was calling so i anwserd it 

El-im at the door 

April-wow i didn't realize an hour had past alredy 

I hung up and opend the door to Elena

Elana's P.O.V

I was waiting at the door and soon April vame and opend it i entered and closed the door behind me .

I'm gonna look for some stuff. April said 

she came back with a mini cooler and inside there was a cheesecake it had a note sticked to it. She looked at me and said what are you waiting for .

We got in my red jeep and were on when we stoped at a stop sign cause i was getting a call.

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