The Last Words From Me.

Promise Ann is a 14 year old who is still in a state of shock after losing her family in a car accident.

She first lost her mother at the age of 8 to some disease that Promise was never told about.

When she was 13 she lost her 7 year old sister and Father in a horrible car accident that Promise witnessed.

She is now in a orphanage and is adopted.. but by who?

World famous One Direction came along and thought they were helping but were they?


1. Chapter 1. For Better or For Worse?

*Promise Ann Point of View(pov)*


I sat on the edge of the window sill thinking 'Would it hurt if I jumped all 5 stories, and end up on the ground? No one here even seems to notice me any ways so why not?' My thoughts were interrupted when Miss. Diane, the head of the orphanage, came on the speaker announcing it was time for dinner.

I didn't get up from my spot however I still sat there looking down. I could be considered anorexic if you want but when I am severely depressed I would just shut everyone out and not except help. I would just completely shut down. I've learned to trust no one I've learned to not let anyone in my life knowing they could be taken away at the snap of my fingers.



We were all out back having fun. Everyone including me, my mother, my father, and my new one year old sister.

We were just sitting on the back patio when all the sudden my mom started to convulse and shake. Now me being my 8 year old self I had no idea what was going on and so I just sat there asking question after question. My dad franticly moved everything away from her as he ran to grab the phone.

All I remember him saying was

"yes... yes I moved everything away from her, yes she stopped convulsing, yes, in the backyard, 5 minutes, yes that would be great."

He hung up and handed me my little sister who at the time had no clue what was going on. The tears in my dad’s voice were clear.

I had just witnessed my own mother’s death at the age of 8 years old.

*Flashback Over*

I was interrupted of my thoughts, once again, by a soft knock at the door.

"Come in", this was the first time I've said more than one word in over 6 months. But it still came out as barely a whisper and very raspy. I haven’t talked a lot due to the fact that no one really talked to me because I was the oldest in this place, I call Hell. All the other kids were a little younger than 7 years of age and I didn't talk to them because they all reminded me of my sister and then I would go into this trance thinking that I really was talking to my sister. I even hugged one of the kids and kissed the top of her head saying "I knew you weren’t dead, I knew you would come back for me", well that scared the kid half to death and she told all the other kids, so every time I come out of my room (which is really rare) I get looks from the kids and they always run away.

The door slowly opened reveling none other than Miss. Diane.

"Sweetie please eat this." She cooed in a voice that was like none others. Don't get me wrong she is the only one I can really talk to and not to mention she took me in but it was a voice that could hypnotize you at any second. It was a warm soothing voice that just gets to you.

I just shook my head, my eyes still looking down onto the street.

"Please sweetie you are just skin and bones". I turned my head to her and saw that she had a caring smile on her face. She never got a good look of my face because last time, well every time, she saw me my face was blotchy and tears stained. But I told myself that if mom, dad and sissy were here then they wouldn’t want me to cry. So I told myself no crying over anyone. No way, no how.

"No thanks" I paused to see her face "I'm going on a walk if that’s okay?" My voice still raspy but she nodded her head like a mad men. No one here really knew how I sounded so she looked almost shocked when I said more than one word.

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