The overwhelming thoughts in my head

My life had always been boring, really. Just an average day, every single day. Then suddenly everything was busy and bright and I couldn't think any more. *contains swearing*


4. Ending it all

The flat was empty when I reached it, the click of my keys in the door echoing through the vacant rooms. I just had to stop it, stop the noise, stop all the thoughts bouncing through my head.

My mum had hidden it well, never mentioning that she had it, but I always noticed where her eyes flicked when there was a strange knock at the door, or a threatening call from the council. I was right, of course. Under the bed in her room there was a small box, stored behind piles of books she’d never read. Dust scattered throughout the room as I lifted the lid and pulled out the object inside, blowing on its surface.

It was strangely beautiful. The dull black metal, seeming to reek of death. The sharp, straight lines, no curves softening its edges. Fitting comfortably into my hand, it somehow felt familiar, as if I was welcoming an old friend home. Nestled in the tissue paper was the clip, which I slotted inside, before pushing the small pistol into my trouser pocket.

As I reached the front door, about to leave, I happened to catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. And I looked insane. Dark skin pale and sallow, with bags under my eyes. Hair scruffy and dirty, dark patches of soil staining my pale shirt. My eyes were the worst part, usually they were a dark, chocolatey brown. But they had darkened into a pitch black, my pupils indistinguishable from my irises. I looked like some kind of demon.

Soon I reached the school, my head happily silent. Each person who had invaded it: the old woman on her mobility scooter, the young man walking on the other side of the road, the hobo slumped against a wall; I had ended their annoying noise.

There were sirens in the distance.

My history teacher was walking out of class as I strode through the playground, the handle clutched between my hands, both fingers on the trigger. She looked at me, eyes wide.

Better go mark those tests I need some coffee Mr Harleman keeps flirting with me but I can’t tell him to back off the kids are home alone don’t worry about it what’s George doing out of lessons is that a gun oh my God what’s he doing.

I raised my arms, there was a bang and she flew backwards, the sheaf of papers she was holding flying into the air, then slowly drifting to the ground. A few sheets landed on her limp body, bathed in blood, a dark hole in the centre of her forehead.

Keeping up the steady pace, I soon reached my classroom. I knocked, as it seemed like the polite thing to do.

Mrs Hally’s voice sounded from inside. “Come in!” The door creaked as I opened it and walked into the classroom. Every pupil stared at me, each eye fixated upon my face and the weapon of death in my hand.

Is that George?

Turned to look at Rafe. Bang.


Fixed the sight on Sophia. Bang.

He’s gone crazy.

Grinned at Mrs Hally. Bang.

Please don’t let him kill me amen.

Ducked and pointed it at Josh, crouched under the desk. Bang.

The sirens were closer now.

By now, other classes had heard what was happening. The RE teacher, Mr Warren, burst in behind me, blustering and prepared to tell off a few idiots messing about with a staple gun. Instead, he came face to face with a black pistol pointed at his face. Bang.

This is crazy I can’t believe this is happening hide under the desk he won’t see me I can get out of the window maybe I can’t believe he killed all of them what’s wrong with him he’s insane where did he get that gun I hope I go to heaven he’s pointing it at me I love my mum please don’t kill me.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang.

Someone grabbed my torso and attempted to pull me backwards, but I twisted in their grip and fired at their head, untangling myself from the girl’s arms as she fell to the floor.

All the noise had stopped in the classroom now, all of the annoying thoughts out of my head.  There were crunches as I trod on hands, arms, legs and skulls over to the window, which I opened and climbed out of. I walked into the middle of the playground and fired six shots into the sky.

Let them come to me, with all of their noisy thoughts. Then I won’t have to seek them out.

Surely enough, people began sprinting towards me. White cars and vans were parked badly next to the school, figures dressed in black leaping out of them, holding what looked like shields and guns.

I’d have to speed up, before they got to me with their stabbing knives in my brain and stopped me before I could get rid of them all.

As each one ran towards me I aimed at their head, and then loosed a shot. Mostly the bullet hit its target. If it didn't I just kept on firing until their noisiness stopped. There was the pip pip pip of some firing back, but none of them seemed to hit me. More and more poured out from the flashing vehicles, more and more pulling up at the curb and jumping out. Soon I’d run out of ammo. 

Go round the left he might not see me.

I'm going to die today.

Mary mother of Jesus please keep me safe in this-




Then pain.

I looked down at my leg. There was a rip in my trouser, near the top, and blood leaking from it. My flesh around it felt warm and wet, as I probed it with my hand.

That was a surprise.

Then it went dark.

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