this is our rebel love song

this is just a random fanfic about me some friends and some bands (mostly bvb) i have no idea how it will turn out :/
actual blurb: when Caitlin, Emma, Kia and Evie go to warped tour 2013 they are expecting to just watch some bands and have a good time, what they dont know is how much drama and excitement this trip will actually bring them. touring with bands they could only ever dream of meeting was definitely not on the posters for warped.....


3. chapter 2

im updating finally :0 sorry it took so long guys.. i had alot of crap to do and kept getting distracted.


Caitlins pov


after what seemed like forever we finally arrived at the venue, this is going to be so amazing. we spent a while just setting up our tent and finding out where everything is before all sitting on the grass and eating lunch before we went to watch the first band.. black veil brides.

"asdfgghjkkl IM SO EXCITED AHHHHHHH" I shouted, what? i had alot of sugar okay?

"CAITLIN, SHUT UP!" Kia screamed back

"HYPOCRITE" i yelled running off kia at my tail.


Evies pov

i watched as caitlin and kia ran off into the distance screaming and laughing, she can be annoying sometimes but i was always kinda envious of caitlins ability to be hyper and act like a complete 5 year old and still get away with it, i guess its just how she is. I turned to Emma who was eating an oreo, "i have a feeling that shiz will go down this weekend..." i mused

"probably" emma replied "but at least it will be fun shiz"

"yeah" i said distracted with my thoughts, i dont wanna lose any of my friends but i feel like i probably will...

(a few hours later)


Caitlins pov

we were all queuing to see bvb now this is gonna be the best night of my life, literally. ohmygod ashley eek i cant wait. "EMMA ANDY AND ASHLEY WILL BE THERE AHHHHH" I exclaimed

"Caitlin, we're all excited but seriously DUDE CALM DOWN" said evie.

god i wasnt even speaking to her, why does she care im always like thi... my thoughts were interrupted by the security guy letting us go in, we'd come pretty early so we got right at the front. woo.  Emma Kia and Evie were in their own little conversation which for some reason i felt i wasnt invited to join so i turned to my right to see a girl standing there, she was really pretty, pink hair and ear piercings. "hi" i smiled making her jump but she smiled back all the same

"hey" she grinned "whats your name?"

"caitlin" i replied "you?"

"Alice"  we stood for a while talking swapped numbers and tent locations before i felt a tap on my shoulder turning around i saw Emma standing there and then pointing to the stage.

bvb were about to come on. i suddenly focussed all my attention to the stage, it was the world around me didnt exist, it was just me and my idols, it was amazing. They started to play resurrect the sun, and i lost myself in the music, concentrated on Andys heavenly voice and feeling the deep strong notes from Ashleys bass pulse through me. this is where i belong, infront of this stage watching the people i love most make the thing i love most, music.

(after the show)

we were all at the meet and greet now, we were also the last people in the line, which means we have the guys/gods all to ourselves :D agh who am i kidding as if Ashley Purdy, sex god and world famous bassist, would ever want little old me. ha in your dreams caitlin in your dreams. before i knew it i was standing before the outlaw himself. "hi are you okay?" he said in his voice so much like melted chocolate

"um um yeah sorry im just nervous" i sort of laughed sort of stuttered

keep your cool , dont fangirl i kept telling myself and before i knew i was engrossed in conversation with one of the most amazing people alive.

Emmas pov

me evie and kia were all standing chatting to Jake Jinxx CC and Andy  my heart was literally skipping beats being this close to him, mr biersack, he'd already hugged me earlier and i nearly died, actually know who i havnt spoken to yet? Ashley, i glanced over to see him and caitlin talking together, they looked like they've known eachother for so long, caitlin looked so calm on the outisde, i bet shes fangirling so hard inside i laughed to myself, "Kia Evie, prepare yourselves for Caitlins inner fangirl to be released later, i have a feeling we'll be having another rant from her about her perfect Ashley is" earning laughs from the bvb guys and groans from my friends.


caitlins pov

"you know" ashley stated "theres a vip party tonight, and we're allowed to invite as many non band members as we like, and i was wondering if you and your friends would like to join us?" he loked into my eyes with his own dark chocolate brown pools and smiled, "what do you say?"

"we'd love to" i grinned as he then proceeded to pass me a slip of paper and a pen,

"write your number, i'll text you" he winked and i quickly scrawled the digits on the paper my heart going crazy.

"caitliinnn" i heard evie call "we're leaving"

"well i better go" i said

"see ya around" ashley replied with another wink

and i ran towards my already leaving friends...








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