this is our rebel love song

this is just a random fanfic about me some friends and some bands (mostly bvb) i have no idea how it will turn out :/
actual blurb: when Caitlin, Emma, Kia and Evie go to warped tour 2013 they are expecting to just watch some bands and have a good time, what they dont know is how much drama and excitement this trip will actually bring them. touring with bands they could only ever dream of meeting was definitely not on the posters for warped.....


2. chapter 1

Caitlins pov:

*beep beep beep* arghhhhh stupid alarm -_- why am i even up this early what the hell?! were my thoughts as I stretched and rubbed my eyes before slowly lifting myself out of my warm cosy bed. oh. my. god.... i just remembered why i'm up this early.. "IM GOING TO WARPED OH MY GOOOODD" i shouted i was so excited now, i launched myself down the stairs usain bolt style and grabbed a bowl of cereal which i could barely eat for excitement. when i'd finished breakfast i jumped in the shower and washed blow dried and straightened my hair. hmmm what clothes? after a while of looking through my wardrobe repetitively and confirming that there was no narnia in there i decided on my bright purple skinny jeans a bvb shirt and my black converse high tops with a few band wristbands my andy biersack "stitches" never take it off bracelet my never take it off unicorn tears necklace and my ashley purdy outlaw guitar pick bracelet. hmmm makeup time, carefully i lined my eyes and water line with black liner in a vaguely cats eye shape and put on some pale pink lipgloss, then i changed my snakebites and nose piercings to simple black hoops and ran out of the house just in time to meet up with Emma Kia and Evie. we all were screaming and jumping with happiness before me and Emma climbed into my red Ferrari f430 and Kia and Evie got into Kia's black Porsche and we began our looong journey to warped tour 2013.



im sorry this is such a short and boring chapter just needed to set the scene  chapter 2 will be alot better dw (:

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