this is our rebel love song

this is just a random fanfic about me some friends and some bands (mostly bvb) i have no idea how it will turn out :/
actual blurb: when Caitlin, Emma, Kia and Evie go to warped tour 2013 they are expecting to just watch some bands and have a good time, what they dont know is how much drama and excitement this trip will actually bring them. touring with bands they could only ever dream of meeting was definitely not on the posters for warped.....


1. characters

this is just gonna be an overview of the main characters in the story :)


(btw these people dont actually look like the descriptions i've added  few piercings or changed the hair colour here and there to how they've told me they want it)

Caitlin: so this is basically me but with this hair:

erm sorry thats kinda big but anyway me with this hair and bright blue eyes,   piercings: snakebites , bridge, nose, collar bones, ears and cartilage and tattoos: treble clef on wrist, semi colon on other wrist and the lyrics:i'll never let you steal my coffin(bvb song) on right ribs like just google ribs tattoo and you'll get the idea 



kia (alltimelowparamorelove) its her with: hair: brunette with dip dyed dark blue, piercings= snakebites, ears, upper-ear,  hips, belly button. tattoos= music note on foot and a small red heart with a dagger through it surrounded by roses on inner left wrist.


Emma: (penandpapertwin) her with midnight blue hair (almost black) same batman tattoos as Andy Biersack a few piercings up her ears and a lip piercing.


Alice: really pretty, brown eyes and thick pink hair which is naturally slightly wavy, a butterfly tattoo on back, 3 small stars on wrist bone a treble clef on the side of her hand like between thumb and wrist and ear and cartilage piercings.


Evie:blonde choppy hair, nose piercing and a heart topped key on wrist with the word love written in capitals with a heart for the o.


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