Trouble (A Harry Styles Fanficton)

"Blake, trust me. Troubles all around. You just need to learn to avoid it." Harry Styles looked into Blake Maxwell's eyes and held her hands. Blake squeezed her eyes shut.
"Harry, I don't know how to," she whispered.
"Then I'll help you," he whispered back then engulfed her into a hug. She knew that Harry could stop the darkness from within her, knowing that he himself was left in the dark.


2. You Can Count on Us

Chapter 2

    Blake awoke to a start, unaware of her surroundings. She couldn't seem to remember anything and can't recall as to why she was in so much pain.

    She looked around the room that she was in and took in one of the photos on the bedside table. It was a picture of Harry with four other boys his age. They were all laughing and goofing around at a party. Then all the memories flowed back. The beating that she had sustained from Jacob, the bar incident, Harry coming to save her, and her baby. Her baby! What if something happened to it? Blake couldn't bare the thought of losing her baby. Yes it was created out of hate, but she promised herself that she would care and love it the way any baby should be.

    Blake's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bedroom door opening up. She turned to see Harry walk in slowly. He took one look at her and knew that Blake wasn't feeling right.

    "Blake, are you okay?" Harry asked as he walked over to her. He watched her shake her head furiously as a tear slipped down her cheek.

    "I need to see a doctor," Blake said as she wiped the tear from her cheek.

    "Don't worry, I already have one on the way," he said as he saw her facial expression change slightly, but to what, he didn't know.

    "Why? What's wrong?" Harry asked overcome by worry. Was there something he didn't know?

    Blake chewed on the inside of her cheek as she debated on whether or not to tell him everything, but the fact that he came and saved her and brought her to safety, must mean that he knows something. What other explanation could there be, for a complete stranger to do what he did?

    "How much do you know?" she asked sitting up in the bed that she was laying in, wincing as she did.

    Harry thought over on what to say and decided on telling her everything he did know. He let out a breath as he organized his thoughts.

    "You went out Jacob and I... I was friends with him," he started to say and saw how Blake's lips began to form a frown. He continued, "I ended our friendship after an incident that led to many unfortunate events."

    Blake tried to think over if Jacob had ever mentioned Harry, but Jacob has always been secretive about his past or his life in general.

    "I had heard a couple of days ago from a source that Jacob has been mistreating his girlfriend. Now I nor the boys that you saw yesterday, are very fond of women being mistreated, so I knew that I had to intervene somehow. I found out that you had ran away fron the flat that you shared  with Jacob, and I just hoped that I would find you. Luckily I saw you enter that bar,  clearly so did Jacob's people. He has them all over. But anyways, yeah. That's it," he finished up waiting for her reaction. He was almost certain that she would get up and run out, but to his surprise she just sat there. She seemed to be thinking of something to say.

    "So you're meaning to tell me that you just saved me because you didn't want to see me hurt?" Blake asked, unsure if he was telling the truth. No, there had to be  some kind of catch.

    "How do I know that Jacob didn't send you? For all I know he could be hiding in that closet," she continued as she pointed at the closet that was slightly ajar. She watched as he smirked and got up. He walked over to the closet, which turned out to be a walk in closet. He turned the light on and proved to her that no one was in there.

    "So, there are other closets in the house," she said making Harry laugh. Seeing him smile made her smile as well, and it felt good to smile, after all the shit in the last few weeks.

    "So, is there something wrong?" Harry asked going back to the point. He watched as she took her bottom lip in between her teeth. He looked into her big brown eyes, full of fear.

    "I'm pregnant with Jacob's child, but I don't want him to know. He said he hates kids and think about all that he has done to me, just think of what he might do to the baby. God, I don't even want to think about it," Blake said on the verge of tears. Harry took her in his muscular arms and stroked her brown waves.

    "Don't worry, nothing will ever happen to you or the baby as long as I'm around," he said into her hair.

    Blake still didn't trust him so much, but it did feel good to hear someone say that. She had no one. Being with Jacob meant losing everything; friends, family, job, school, just life in general.

    "I can see that it will take you time to trust me, but I want you to know that I would never hurt and that you have time to trust me," he said as he pulled away from her. She looked up at him and offered him a small smile.

    There was a knock at the door and Harry and Blake looked to see who it was. They were met by Louis, one of Harry's friends. He was a bit shorter than Harry with brown hair and blue eyes, not as blue as Niall's, but still very blue.

    "I don't mean to interrupt, but breakfast is ready, and I thought that maybe you'd be hungry," Louis said as he looked at them. Blake nodded her head thinking about how hungry she is.

    "Well now she'll be eating for two, so I would think so," Harry said which brought a look of surprise on Louis. Blake felt her face tingle with heat, as Harry said this. She only told Harry because she felt comfortable, and he was going to find out anyway. So are the rest of the guys, so might as well begin with Louis. He seemed decent.

    "Really? How far along?" Louis asked as he walked into the room.

    "We're hoping that the doctor would tell us that when he gets here later," Harry said as he and Blake got up and walked towards the door.

    The three of them walked out of the room and down the hallway. Blake limped slightly in between Harry and Louis feeling a bit small compared to their looming heights.

    "So, this baby situation... How are you going to deal with it?" Louis asked as they began to descend the stairs.

    "Well I'm keeping it that's for sure, and I'm going to do everything in my power to keep he or she safe. Which will be hard if Jacob took everything away from me," Blake said as they rounded the corner at the bottom of the staircase.

    "Well you can count on us for anything," Louis said and Harry quickly agreed. Blake smiled at the thought that these guys were really going to help her.

    "Morning," a boy with brown hair and a pair if big brown eyes to match his hair, said as they entered the dining room.

    "Morning, Liam," Louis and Harry said in unison. Blake gave him a smile as they joined the rest of the boys at the table.

    Niall began to serve everyone's plates and Blake looked around the table to see five smiling faces looking at her. She returned the smile and then looked down at her food. The pancakes looked delicious and her nose seemed to agree.

    "So, the doctor will be in at around ten-ish," Zayn said as they all began to eat. Blake nodded her head as she took a bite of her food. The pancakes tasted as good as they looked and she smiled savoring the taste.

    "Well that's good, cos we're going to need to make sure that she and that little one is okay," Louis said as he smiles at Blake's stomach then at her. She smiles back as she finished swallowing.

    "Yeah, I just want to make sure that even after the beatings, the baby is still okay," Blake said and received surprised looks from Liam, Zayn, and, Niall.

    "So, wait... You're expecting?"    Liam asked as he put his cup of orange juice down. Blake nodded her head and then picked up her cup and took a sip. She felt the cool liquid trickle down her throat, and sighed in satisfaction.

    "Well that's awesome! Congrats!" Zayn and Niall said smiling wide. The rest of breakfast was consumed with talking about the baby and plans for it.


    "Well Blake, you seem to just be bruised, and the baby seems to be fine. But I would like you to come to my office so I can give you a more secure answer," the doctor said as he finishes examining Blake. The boys all sat around the room listening intently as the doctor sat with Blake on the bed.

    "Sure, that sounds good, but from what you can see, my baby's okay?" Blake asked reassuring herself.

    "From what I can tell? Yes, but the other test will give me a more actuate answer," the doctor said as he began to get up to go. He faced the boys before he exited the room.

    "Just make sure she gets a lot of bed rest and make an appointment for the other tests," he told the boys.

    Harry got up to shake the doctor's hand and to thank him, as did the others. Zayn went to go show him the way out as the rest of the boys came and sat next Blake.

    Blake looked exhausted and the boys thought it better to give some time to rest.

    "Now, just call us if you need anything," Niall said as they began to file out of the room.

    "No problem. I'll probably just sleep the whole time and nit even have to bother you guys, but thanks," Blake said as all the boys left, "Harry, thank you."

    "No problem. You can count on me for anything," he said as Blake's eyes began to close.


    Okay so I'm sorry for not updating since I first published, but I'm really busy and I felt like no one really liked it, so I kinda just stopped. Then today I wanted to start again, and I'm hoping that I can actually get somewhere with this story.

    Now to see if you guys actually read and like my story, imma do that thing where I ask for a certain amount of likes for the next chapter. I have no idea how this will work, or if it'll work. So let's try... Umm... 5 likes for the next chapter? Yes? No? Maybe? So? Whatever let's see. I've got meh fingers crossed.

~Evaluna  : )

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