Trouble (A Harry Styles Fanficton)

"Blake, trust me. Troubles all around. You just need to learn to avoid it." Harry Styles looked into Blake Maxwell's eyes and held her hands. Blake squeezed her eyes shut.
"Harry, I don't know how to," she whispered.
"Then I'll help you," he whispered back then engulfed her into a hug. She knew that Harry could stop the darkness from within her, knowing that he himself was left in the dark.


1. Barely Making It

    Blake Maxwell sped up her paste as she looked for shelter. It had just started raining and all Blake had on was a black and gray loose fitted tank top, a pair of black leggings, and a pair of gray combat boots. The freezing rain left tracks of goosebumps up her arms and she tried to control them by rubbing her hands against them. 

    She rounded yet another corner and came face to face with a old bar. She entered the bar hugging her arms and looked around. The place looked pathetic with just a couple of day drinkers. It had drink stains on the floor and it smelled of rotten trash. How the hell is this place still running?

    Blake slowly walked over to the bar in the back and asked the bar tender where the bathroom was. After being told that it was in very back, Blake walked over to it, looking over her shoulder every so often. She entered the restroom and scrunched up her nose at the sight. The lights were poorly dimmed and gave the room an eerie effect.  

   She walked over to the sink and looked up at the mirror. She was a mess. Taking her gray leather bag off of her shoulder and placing it on the counter next her, she looked around for a paper towel dispenser. Once located, she pulled out some paper towels and began to dry off her damp hair. After finishing with that she got a few more towels and began to clean her wounds. 

    Damping a towel with warm water, she placed it on one of the cuts on her cheeks. She winced in pain, squeezing her eye shut in the process. Blake removed the towel from her cheek and leaned over the counter. She opened her eyes and blew out a puff of air. 

    "Fuck. Man up Blake. Don't be a Goddamn pussy," she told herself looking at her reflection. She went back to dabbing the cut on her cheek along with a few others that trailed up her arm. Then she moved onto the bruises on her stomach. Her hands almost instinctively wrapped around her stomach. Hopefully nothing had happened to the baby. Blake was only three weeks into the pregnancy so it wasn't noticeable, but Blake was already attached to it.

    She hoped that the bar had some ice to put in a bag, she would need that for her stomach, legs and a small bruise starting to form under her left eye. 

    Blake threw away the towels and opened her bag. She searched for a piece of paper that would take her to a certain address. After finding it, Blake opened it up and looked over the paper. She noticed a phone number, and wondered if the bar had a telephone. She would have used her own cell if it wasn't dead.

   Searching through her bag she realized that she had forgotten her charger on the nightstand back at Jacob's. What else had she left?   Her wallet. Shit. That too, was left on the nightstand. If she goes back, Jacob would most certainly kill her. Hadn't he tried that last night when she ran off? 

   Pissed, Blake closed her bag and slung it around her shoulder. She stepped out of the bathroom and walked over to the bar tender.

   The tall blonde looked her up and down. Blake rolled her chocolate brown eyes in disgust. Pervert. The man put the cups that he was cleaning down and leaned against the counter. 

   "What can I do for the pretty lady?" the dickhead asked winking and sending a smirk in her direction.

   "All I need is a phone. Please just answer this without adding any gross remarks, okay?" Blake stated glaring at the blonde.

   "Oh, aren't you a firecracker?" the man asked looking at Blake. His hand slowly inched closer to her's. Blake quickly moved it away and and got her bag to go.

   "Fuck you," she stated as she got up, but felt the douchebag grab her wrist. 

    "You're not leaving that easily. I've got a job that you would most like be able to fulfill," the blonde tugged her back whispering in her ear.

   "Let go! I'm not gonna fuck anyone for you," Blake said attempting to pull her wrist away from him. He tighten his grip on her and pulled her head back, by tugging on her hair.

   "Well, we'll see about that won't we." The blonde pulled her back with enough force that got her over the counter. He lost hold of her and let her fall to the ground. Blake winced in pain and laid on the ground as she watched him looking over her. Pain shot through her body as she gasped for air. 

   He leaned over and reached for her arms, but was kicked in the groin by Blake. She got up as fast as she could and threw a punch in his direction, knocking him back a bit.

   "Jacob did say you were a fighter," the man sneered as he regained his breath. Blake froze at the name. Jacob? 

   Blake quickly turned around and grabbed her bag, but was grabbed by the hair and tugged back to the man. He held a firm grip around her then threw her to the floor. He kicked her in the stomach, but  Blake covered her stomach just in time, protecting the baby as much as she could. Blake felt the tears finally escape, the tears she's been holding these last couple of days, years. She waited for the next set of kicks, but opened her eyes to find a tall brown hair guy pulling the blonde away.

   Blake groaned in pain holding onto her stomach as she watched her hero punch the living daylight out of the blonde. She'd seen him before. Harry Styles. The town's new bad boy. Everyone has talked about how hot he was and the trouble he has gotten himself into. Personally, Blake couldn't give two fucks about who he was, but there was something in each story about him that drew her to him. What was it? She had no clue.

   Blake watched as the blonde dropped lifeless onto the hard floor. She slowly sat herself up and held onto her side in the process. Harry looked over at her and knelt down to her level. He didn't say a word, but instead held her chin in his hand and turned her face side to side to examine it. Then he moved on over to her arms and softly traced the bruises on them with his finger. Blake winced and pulled her arm away.

   "Thank you," she said not be able to control the shake that was evident in her voice. She wiped the tears off of her face and slowly tried to get up. She used a nearby chair for support, but fell back down, due to her weaken state.

   "Yep, that's not going to work," Harry said as he watched Blake attempt to get up a second time. He grabbed her bag and slung it around his shoulder and lifted Blake up bridal style.

   "You don't have to do this," Blake said barely audible. The close proximity between her and Harry had her gasping for air. He looked down at her, his green orbs burning holes into Blake's.

   "Trust me. You'll thank me later," he stated as he walked out of the bar and out into the cold wet air. Goosebumps were already starting to form on Blake's arms as Harry walked them over to his Range Rover. 

   "Where are you taking me?" Blake asked fear creeping into her voice. She watched him open the door to the passenger side. He placed her inside and Blake watched him close the door and walk around to the other side. She wasn't scared of him, like everyone said she should be. Yeah, being taken to an unknown place is weird and creepy, but there was something about Harry that wouldn't let  her leave.

   "To my place," Harry finally answered as he got into the car. He started the ignition and drove out of the parking lot. The car ride was silent as Blake had no idea of who Harry really was. She turned to look at him and watched as his muscles under his white tee flexed with every movement. Her eyes moved up to his arms. They were big and had tattoos running up them. His face was quite beautiful. He had green sparkling eyes, deep set dimples, and pump lips that any girl would die to kiss. But out of everything about him, Blake loved his brown curls. How can someone have such beautiful curls?

   "You're staring," Harry stated with a small grin. Blake turned quickly and looked out the window trying to hide the blush that was creeping onto her cheeks. She heard him chuckle.

   "Don't worry, Love. No need to blush," Harry said as he looked at her. He smiled revealing his dimples. Blake bit her lip and smiled shyly at him.

   They had turned a corner and Harry pulled up to a big house. Once Harry stopped the car she saw four very attracted boys come out to greet them. 

   "They're my friends," Harry said motioning to the four guys.

   "Did they know I was coming?" Blake asked looking at the boys then at Harry.

   "Nope," Harry answered just as a dark haired boy came and opened up Blake's door.

    "Harry, you didn't mention that you were going to bring a guest," the dark haired one said. Blake looked at Harry.

   "Yeah, I know, I just met her along the way, Zayn," Harry said to him. So his name is Zayn? 

    "Is she okay?" asked a blonde headed one. He looked at Blake's wounds with concern.

    "I don't know, Niall. Hopefully, but I brought her over to care for her," Harry answered him. Blake was taken aback to Harry's kindness. 

    Harry got out of the car and walked over to Blake and picked her up.  She felt the world spin. Her vision blurred.

    Blake laid her head against Harry's chest, as she heard a ringing in her ear. She knew what was coming. Then darkness slowly took over.













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