Dead End

KC Circuit isn't a race track. She's a normal teenage girl who takes a fancy to training sports or self defense, or painting with metallics.

Her life is really put to the test when everything changes. The once crowded streets of her hometown, Silverville, are teeming with parasites so vicious, it can change the way of humanity. And not in the way that people the way that people die, and come crawling back to life.
Zombies. And they're out to get her.

Dedicated to my best friend Ellie Ruddlesdin :)
And Tanya (tango123)
Hope you enjoy!!!!


8. Stocking Up

Slowly, after a few hours of walking, they stopped. KC and Katie had become thirsty, and Ellie was dying for something to eat. And drink.

'Where do you suppose we can find water?' Katie asked, looking around the deserted town centre. KC's eyes widened.

'Were in a shopping centre. There's food all around us. Come on, let's find a store and stock up. If you can find an accessories shop, grab a couple bags. We can put all our belongings in there.'

Ellie put her hand up voluntarily.

'I'll find a clothing store. I know loads. I used to go shopping all the time with my mates. Guess I can't do that anymore.'

She looked down sadly to the floor, then back up to the car park that they stood in. A few shops were located to the right, and just as Ellie was about to walk, Katie threw her the bat. Ellie caught it, and smiled.


Katie nodded, but didn't smile.

'You need it more then us. We know martial arts and kick boxing.'

KC nodded, and looked back to Katie as Ellie stalked off, a look of determination taking over her face.

'I'll hunt for something local. I think there's an Azda near by. A couple streets away. You wait here. If I find Ellie, we'll pair up. You'll be okay, right?'

Katie nodded, and sat down on a curb close by.

'I'll be fine, KC. Just don't get beaten by Zombie's. I don't want any infections.'

KC nodded seriously.

'No kidding, Katie. Stay there. And don't you get eaten. We need your brains.'

Katie chuckled, and turned away. KC began to walk.


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