Dead End

KC Circuit isn't a race track. She's a normal teenage girl who takes a fancy to training sports or self defense, or painting with metallics.

Her life is really put to the test when everything changes. The once crowded streets of her hometown, Silverville, are teeming with parasites so vicious, it can change the way of humanity. And not in the way that people the way that people die, and come crawling back to life.
Zombies. And they're out to get her.

Dedicated to my best friend Ellie Ruddlesdin :)
And Tanya (tango123)
Hope you enjoy!!!!


14. Shelter

Night time crept towards KC and Katie. The beginning of twilight began, the early purple settling in the sky, twinkling stars sending small arrays of light over Silverville. KC and Katie were a few miles away from the town, heading into the start of countryside. A couple hundred miles away would be the edge of town. It was a REALLY big place.

KC and Katie walked at the edge of the abandoned road. It was more like a giant path. There were no cars coming from either side.

'How do you know that were heading in the right direction, Katie?'

Katie shrugged, and swung the bat about. She looked strangely calm for a girl that had been left by her parents, lost a friend and lived in a town roaming with Zombies. Not that KC's situation was any better. She'd actually witnessed the death of her friend. Ellie Ruddels was a blip. There was nothing they could do now. And they were defiantly not going back.

'Can we at least stop for the night, and rest up until tomorrow?'

'Where do you suppose we sleep, KC? These fields are probably full of Zombies. You wait. When we fall asleep, they will be there to eat our brains. I think, if we are going in the right direction, there should be a gas station up ahead. We'll stop there.'

KC nodded, hopping over a broken bumper. It had rusted at the edges, and looked sharp. KC was thoughtful. She stopped, bent down to pick it up, and tested it out by jabbing it in front of her. Katie watched with a bored expression.

'What are you doing?'

'This might come in handy.'

'KC, that's junk. Put it down.'

KC narrowed her eyes, and pointed her eyebrows.

'Since when do you boss me about? Or, since when did you become my mum?'

'Since this all started. KC, I am a year older then you. And do you really think this is the best time to be arguing? Stopping there isn't going to make us rest any sooner.'

Katie hadn't raised her voice. She'd kept it calm and steady. She was right in many ways, yet it just didn't seem like KC could agree. Instead she dropped the bumper, and kicked it out into the field. It landed with a muffled THUD.

'You might attract attention. Come on.'

KC rolled her eyes when Katie turned away and began to walk. But KC still followed after her. She didn't really want to be left behind in a Zombie infested countryside.


An hour later, and the sky became black. The only light was of the moon, and the only noises were their footsteps along the concrete road. The odd moan of a dead one sounded behind them, but both girls were ready, and when it came to it they fought well, and were rewarded with the death of another already-dead-like-person.

The petrol station was finally in view, and with a little eagerness, both girls ran towards it, excitement and nerves filling their stomachs. A wave of relief washed over KC as she realized the station was empty. No flickering lights, and as far as KC knew, no light buzzing of the petrol pumps, or refrigerators. Or generators.

'They have boarded up the doors. Go and break them down. I'll see if there's anyone here. I just want to double check.'

KC went ahead to the boarded up petrol station doors, and with all strength, she kicked off the wooden boards, sending them flying. Wood splintered and one caught KC's arm, but she didn't care. She rubbed it off, and turned to Katie. But Katie wasn't there.

She's probably round the back, KC thought, as she remembered what Katie had said a few moments before. It wasn't like Katie was going to run off in a situation like this.

KC turned her attention back to the petrol station shop. Everything looked alright, because it had only been a day since everything had started. They were going to have to limit food down to the drys and sweets, because the fridges weren't working. Everything would be terribly moldy within days. KC wandered inside, observing everything in sight. The plastic screens were a little cracked, and from where KC was standing, she could see an over-turned chair. The door to the back was slightly ajar. KC wasn't sure about going inside, because she wasn't sure what she'd find. She decided to wait for Katie. 

KC made her way up to the plastic glass screen. Behind it, oh no...

KC turned away. A dead body. It didn't look infected, but it sure would stink the place out. From there, she could smell decay. Somehow, they were going to have to block it off. But KC was fresh out of ideas. She just wanted to eat, and sleep. The basket she held was only half full. She'd obviously lost some of the contents on the way. That was because they'd stopped somewhere down the road to have something to eat quickly, and together both had a few gulps of water. 

Footsteps sounded behind her.

'It's okay. We're clear. Find anything in here?'

'A body. Behind here.'

KC left the plastic screen and took a few steps towards Katie.

'Is there anything through there?' Katie quired, nodding towards the ajar door. KC shrugged, and put the basket down. She wondered if they had torches anywhere. That would help a lot.

'I'll have a look.'

KC rounded a few rows of food and sweets, and stopped before the door. Quickly, she took a look inside, sticking her head round the door. Nothing too bad. Mostly over turned desks and paper over the floor. 

'It's clear' she called, before stepping out of the way of the door. She shut it, then looked at Katie.

'I think it's time to rest.' 

Katie nodded.

'No kidding.'

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