Dead End

KC Circuit isn't a race track. She's a normal teenage girl who takes a fancy to training sports or self defense, or painting with metallics.

Her life is really put to the test when everything changes. The once crowded streets of her hometown, Silverville, are teeming with parasites so vicious, it can change the way of humanity. And not in the way that people the way that people die, and come crawling back to life.
Zombies. And they're out to get her.

Dedicated to my best friend Ellie Ruddlesdin :)
And Tanya (tango123)
Hope you enjoy!!!!


10. Heading Out

KC was finished. It was as easy as that. She had a basket full of food - she would have grabbed a trolley but it wouldn't have been easy to escape with - and she was ready to leave. She made her way through a store room in the back. It had another wooden door that led out to the exit. KC pulled the handle, and almost screamed when it was locked. She wasn't scared, just annoyed.

She placed the wire basket down on the employers desk, and with all her might, pushed against the door with her shoulder. She heard something crack, but with dread and fear, she knew it wasn't the door.

Slowly she pushed herself back, and hesitantly, moved her shoulder in a circular motion. A fire-like pain shot up through her arm, and she clutched at it tightly. Not that it eased the pain. She was glad she was in a supermarket. There had to be an isle with pain relief.

She didn't want to do it, but she did. She left the basket behind and wandered off through Azda to find an isle that held medicine. It wasn't too far away, she noticed, and she scanned the row briefly, before picking out an orange packet with a blue stripe. She didn't stop to check the back, she just tore open the packet, ripped out a capsule, and threw it in her mouth. She swallowed, and shivered as it went down.

She was back in the office room in seconds. As she waited for the medicine to take it's kick, she dug through the draws for any sort of key. She found a few, and it took her a while to slot the correct one in and turn it. The door opened a little, and KC grabbed the basket.

Broad daylight stung her eyes and for a moment she was blinded, but after that, everything settled in, and she was able to see everything in her vision correctly.

KC looked down at the smashed watch on her wrist. Miraculously, it still worked, even though she went through a lot. It told her it was twenty past two in the afternoon. She spent almost an hour in Azda. She hadn't realized it had taken her so long. She was about to say time flew when she had fun, but she knew, somewhere in her mind, something told her that this wasn't fun.

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