Dead End

KC Circuit isn't a race track. She's a normal teenage girl who takes a fancy to training sports or self defense, or painting with metallics.

Her life is really put to the test when everything changes. The once crowded streets of her hometown, Silverville, are teeming with parasites so vicious, it can change the way of humanity. And not in the way that people the way that people die, and come crawling back to life.
Zombies. And they're out to get her.

Dedicated to my best friend Ellie Ruddlesdin :)
And Tanya (tango123)
Hope you enjoy!!!!


12. Desicion - Leave or Zombify?

KC backed up, as she looked down at Ellie. Ellie looked so helpless, tears forming in her already glassy blue eyes. They fell, slow but fast. Almost like a Zombie.

KC wanted to take that back, but she'd already thought it. That's what Ellie was going to be in a couple of hours. Or was it days? KC wasn't sure what to do. She didn't really have a lot of choices. Ellie was going to become one of them, hunting and stalking the Earth until they found some sort of meaning. And that usually included blood, guts and gore. Something KC wasn't too good at handling. Especially since she'd stabbed a Zombie in the side of the head, and right through it's rotten heart. Would she have to do the same to Ellie? No. She couldn't afford to think like that. Not ever. But it had already been thought, and KC wanted to be assured that that wasn't the choice she would have to make.

'Don't leave me' Ellie pleaded, and stood herself up. KC's heart had shot up by what seemed like millions. What was she going to do? She had to think fast. Without much thought -well, she was thinking fast- she grabbed the baseball bat, and held it at the ready.

Ellie gasped, loud and full of meaning. KC stumbled backwards, almost tumbling over the basket she'd set down. Slowly, carefully, she picked it up alongside the bat. Then she legged it, as fast as she could. She didn't care about bags, or backpacks, she cared about Katie and herself. Ellie wasn't human anymore. She was a Zombie. An Infection. A Parasite.

She didn't look back. She didn't have too. Ellie's cries were of plead, and guilt, and anything. It attracted Zombie attention, KC knew it did. She could hear Ellie screaming again. Then the loud, furious growls. She couldn't imagine what happened after that. She just hoped that they didn't kill Ellie fully.

Tears stung in KC's eyes. It had all happened so fast. KC was only just getting used to the fact that they were constantly on the move, or constantly killing.

The tears. They fell. And so did KC.


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