cry for help, plea.

1. Cry

I have free much of spirit

I enjoy all the things

in the wildness of freedom

do things that I should not do.


Restrictions make me furious

authority provokes me to rebel

I suffocate in order and discipline

conduct code a trap to me.


The adult in me arrogant and adament

heightens my ego

flames of rage

push me to downfall.


The child in me  scared and confused

lost in wilderness

despairs for the ray of hope

in the darkness of loneliness.


I cry for all my near and dear

lost to me long back

I wonder at my own nature

that ruins me again and again.


I am good in my heart

no evil in my thought

I always regret my actions

but could not be free from my faults.


I don't really relish what I do

but feel helpless as what to do

the more I wish to be better

the worse I sink and panic.


I cry in anguish and pray to god

for a helping hand that stretches to me

to lift me hold me assure me

understand me love me and bear with me.


A moment of realization unfolded the simple truth

if I have to change my life for better

I only, only I must be the bearer of torch

because who could love me better than myself!




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