Grace Love understanding external grace inner grace

1. Grace

People say

One has to age gracefully

speech gait or smile

each and every gesture

reflects one's style and grace.


Such grace and dignity

much pleasing to the eye

much appreciated and desired

envied and copied and worshiped.


The grace that emanates

from the inner core of heart

heart the size of fist

spreads peace and love in and out.


Inner grace a beautiful glow

reflects knowledge and wisdom

neither cultivated nor acquired

just natural and spontaneous.


Moods and prejudices

make grace external vulnerable

but the heart filled with love

remains the same for others.


The kind heart intensely grieves

deeply joyous with others

consoles and comforts

as it has no other thought other than oneness.


In our daily lives if we are

genuine in thought and speech

go not for prestige but with perception

act not in ego but with appreciation

never of authority only affection

no dramatics no show offs

such grace makes us real humans.


Love and understanding

care and concern

peace and patience

service with serenity

such inner grace loves humanity for humanity sake

as it does not know other than that.


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