After Everything - Harry Styles Fanfiction

This story is about a girl trying to cope with being bullied and the effects of it on her, however what will happen when her idols One Direction are involved in a fire and are fighting for their lives.


5. So fast

Chapter 5- So fast

Zayn's POV
Anne and Jay both decided that they were going to see Harry and Louis. I, Liam, Niall thought that to show our respect we should visit their rooms later on. I as staring into space when Niall approached me.
"You alright mate" He questioned 
"Yes mate, just trying to still get my head around the whole situation" He replied
"Yeah I know, do you think we should go and speak to the fans outside?" He asked
" Yeah we should, I think we should tell them what happened in the fire to set the story straight, so hopefully no rumours will be started." I explained
"Yeah that's a good idea; however I have an even better one?" He said
"What’s that? I questioned 
"Well if Jay and Anne are ok with it since it’s their sons, however many fans have made YouTube videos of how us as One Direction has saved them. So why don't we let two fans dreams come true and let them meet myself , you and Liam as well as visiting Harry and Louis?" He replied
"Yeah that's a great idea, but first we will have to run it past Anne, Jay and Liam first!" I stated
Jay's POV
I made my way down the corridor to room 795 where Louis was. I saw the horrific state my baby was in; he has bruises covering about 70% of his body. My dark hazel eyes started to become watery seeing the state my son was in. I began to speak “Louis baby it’s your mum! You have been involved in a fire. You have three broken ribs and in a coma, the doctors said you are stable and should awake between today and four weeks. Your strong Louis, I love you” I finished. I kissed his forehead and began to walk out of the room to see if Anne had had gone to see Harry when I heard the faintest whisper saying ‘mum’.
Anne POV
I made my way down the corridor to room 863 where Harry was. I saw the state my son was in, he had about 85% of his body was covered in bruises and cuts. I still couldn’t come to terms on how life can change in a blink of an eye. I began to get emotional seeing the state he was in, and that I couldn’t help him at all. I can only imagine the agony he is in, every though he is only laid still. I began to speak to him. “Harry, it’s your mum! You have been involved in a horrible fire, all the boys managed to escape with only minor injuries, however you have two broken ribs, a broken leg as well as a broken wrist and in a coma. Louis is also in a coma with three broken ribs. The doctors say you both are in a stable condition and you should both be awake within the next few hours or weeks if all is well. You’re strong Harry! I love you” I finished. Tears began to form in my emerald green eyes. My son was lucky! I kissed his forehead and walked out of the room to see if Jay had gone to see Louis.


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