After Everything - Harry Styles Fanfiction

This story is about a girl trying to cope with being bullied and the effects of it on her, however what will happen when her idols One Direction are involved in a fire and are fighting for their lives.


4. Are they going to be ok?

Chapter 4 – Are they going to be ok?

Liam's POV

The doctor began to give us the news on Louis and Harry

"Um...Well!" He began

“So Louis is in a stable condition, however he has three broken ribs and is currently is a coma." He stated

Jay's eyes started to become watery. She took a deep breath and said.

“He’s in a coma?" She stuttered 

“Yes, we don't know what condition your son will be in when he comes out of the coma, however Mrs Tomlinson we are trying our hardest to keep your son stable condition." The doctor replied

Jay all of sudden got out of her seat and reaches over the desk to give the doctor a hug.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She repeated over and over again.

The doctor just lightly tapped her back in a friendly way.


Jay's POV

Thank goodness Louis was ok! I know he's in a coma, but I fingers crossed he will still be ochre’s like my best friend in away. Whenever he's on tour I always miss him. I miss him just being around the house. But I would never tell him that because I don't want him to worry about me. I just want him to live his life. Now all we have to do is find out about Harry, I am hoping he is going to be ok too.


Zayn's POV

The doctor just told us the news on Louis. Thanks goodness he's ok. We just need to hope Harry is going to be ok for Anne and ours sake.


Anne POV

Louis was stable, that's good. I am dreading the news on Harry I hope he's going to be ok. I can't lose Harry.

"So is my son going to be ok?" I said anxiously 

"Well" He began

“He is a stable condition at the minute and is in a coma, but he has two broken ribs and a broken wrist as well as a broken leg" He finished 

"Oh my" I gasped

I was speechless my son was lucky to be alive.


Niall's POV

Harry and Louis were both stable in a coma. I am so glad they are still on this world with us, if they weren't I don't know what I'd do! They have both helped me conquer my fears and have always been there for me. I feel we should let the fans know they are going to be ok. But first of all I will have to speak to the boys and Anne and Jay.


Chelsea's POV 


The doorbell rang I ran as fast as I could. I opened the door to see my best friend. I leaped into Ella's arms hugging her as tight as I could. I began to sob into her t-shirt because of the whole situation. 

"Shhhhhhhh" I hear being whispered into my ear. There was a pause for a moment before she began to talk again. "Every little thing is going to be alright" she began to sing. It instantly brought a smile to my face. 

"C'mon lets go inside" I suggested 

"Let's" She giggled.


I and Ella went inside and at the same time launched our petite bodies onto the sofa and just burst out laughing. I stretched over and clutched on the TV remote, which was placed on the coffee table. I switched on the music channel and turned down the volume so we could both sit chat about everything that was happening. We were chatting about school, when we both froze us both locked eyes with one another, like we were trying to read each other’s mind. I reached for the TV remote and turned the volume up. It was the News! A girl lady named Carly stated “Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are both in a stable condition; they both remain in coma's. Fans all over the globe are tweeting there kind messages to the boys telling them to 'get better soon'. Many fans are waiting outside the hospital to see a glimpse of Liam, Niall and Zayn to hear the detailed verdict of the situation. This is all for now, more news on this story is on the website" I pressed the off button on the TV. Ella was staring into space when I clicked my fingers in front of her face. 

"WHAT, WHEN, WHO, HOW" She shouted

“Nothing, I was wondering if you wanted to go the hospital to see if we could catch a glimpse of Liam, Niall and Zayn so we can hear what actually happened." I begged

"Anything for you Chelsea" She replied 

“Thanks Ella!" I answered. 

"C'mon then let's go then Chelsea" She announced.       


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