After Everything - Harry Styles Fanfiction

This story is about a girl trying to cope with being bullied and the effects of it on her, however what will happen when her idols One Direction are involved in a fire and are fighting for their lives.


1. Prologue


Hello, I am Chelsea Moore. I'm 14 years young. I am a winter baby and was brought to this world on the 23rd December. I have blue eyes and blonde wavy hair. I am currently still in school and getting ready to start my GCSE'S next year. I have 3 siblings. 1 sister named Francesca who is 12 months old as well as having 2 very annoying twin brothers called George and Harvey which are 7. My mum and dad are married however they have just reached a rough patch into their relationship we're they are arguing continuously. I’ve been bullied for the past six year verbally and physically, I have had many things happen in my short life. My hobbies include hanging out with my friends, dancing, singing (though I am not very good at it) as well as listening to the one and only one direction sing. Harry is my favourite. And last but not least my best friend Ella she's always there for me.

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