One Direction Imagins

Gonna make some One direction imagines. If you wont a imagine just comment your name, the boy you want, a description of your self and what you want to happen


2. Jackie and Niall

         (Note: I'm sorry I haven't updated, I have just been really busy.....Sorry)

                      *Jakie's P.O.V.*

  Niall and I have wanted a pet for awhile but, could never get one because he was on tour and I was going with him.  I'm not sure if we will get one anytime soon but eventually we will. I was in the kitchen making pancakes for breakfast when Niall came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. I could feel him grinning into my neck were he nuzzled his face. "That smells delicious" He said as he smirked. "Thank you" I said. "I'm going to go hang out with the boys after breakfast....we have some rehearsing to do" He said which mad me sad "Okay" I said. "Are you okay with that....if you don't want me to ill stay home with you" He said telling I was kind of down. "No, Baby its fine go have fun" I said and looked at him and smiled. "Are you sure" he asked. I nodded. I finished making the pancakes and ate with Niall at the table talking about random things. "Thanks Babe, That was good" He said and gave me a kiss and then went up to take a shower. He came back down fully dressed and washed. "Bye Ill be back later" Niall said "Okay bye, I love you" "I love you too" He said and pecked my lips quickly and left. Why was he in such a rush? Oh well. I cleaned and watched T.V. most of the day. I was bored and had nothing to do. Niall came home around 3:30pm. He had all the boys with him too. All that cleaning for nothing. "Hey Babe....have fun" I asked as I walked up to him "Yes I did, How was your day" he asked "Fine" I simply answered. "I have a surprise for you" Niall said with excitement. "You didn't have too" I said and smiled "But I wanted to" he continued and said "Okay boys you can bring her in" Niall said to the boys. Harry and Liam brought in a cage and I immediately got exited. "Baby, welcome our new member of the family" Niall said as he opened the cage. A husky puppy ran out of the cage and ran to me. The puppy licked my face. The puppy was black white with bright blue eyes. "We got the puppy and the money for the puppy was donated to charity, for other dogs and puppies that are in need" Niall said proud "Awww Niall thank you soo much....I love you" I thanked "Your welcome baby......I love you too" Niall smile you could tell he was happy. "what do you want to name her" he asked "How about Charity, it seems to fit" "I agree" Niall said Niall kissed me passionately, then we continued to play with the puppy.

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