One Direction Imagins

Gonna make some One direction imagines. If you wont a imagine just comment your name, the boy you want, a description of your self and what you want to happen


1. Bryana and Niall

         Bryana's P.O.V

      Niall and I have been fighting a lot lately. We get into huge arguments over little things. Niall has been coming home drunk lately to. Like tonight its 12:00 am and he is not home yet I was about to go  upstairs to go to sleep when Niall wake in the door wasted. He barley could walk without stumbling or falling. "Hey Baby" he walked up to my and tried to kiss me. " get off me you smell like beer" I said trying to get off, but failing. "Bryana, baby what's wrong" he asked "Niall get off me your hurting me" Niall was starting to get aggressive. He went in to kiss me and I turned me head to the side and put my hand on his chest. He yanked my face to where I was looking into his eyes they were dark and filled with lust. I have never been scared of Niall like this before. He kissed me and wouldn't let go. It was getting harder to breathe. I finally got him off of me. I ran out the door crying. Niall was yelling asking me to come back and that he was sorry but I didn't go back because I was to scared. I ran to my moms because I didn't know were else to go. My mom asked me what was wrong, but I didn't tell her or anyone that asked. I went upstairs to my old room and cried myself to sleep.

 *Next Morning*

   I woke up at 9:00am. My phone went off and I checked it to find that I had 25 miss calls and 38 text messages all from Niall. My mom knocked on the door "Come in" I said. She came in. "Hey honey, how you doing" she asked with concern. "I'm fine" I lied, I'm really not I just wont to cry. she could tell I was lying but didn't say anything. "Call him" is all she said then she continued with "Come down and get some breakfast" she left my room after that. Maybe I should call him. I took a deep breathe and picked up my phone and was about to call him when he called me. A feeling of relief came over me. "Hello?" I answered. "Finally, you picked up" He said you could tell he has been crying a lot which made me feel really bad. "Could you come over and we talk, please I'm really sorry and I wanna work through this" Niall asked. "Ill be over in 20" I said. "Okay see you then" he said he sounded happy and you could tell he had a smile on his face. I hung up the phone without saying anything. I had some clothes here from awhile ago so I changed into those. When I was about to leave the door my mom stopped me. "Where are you going" she asked "Nialls house" "Good " and with that she left.

                                                    *Skip Car Ride*

   I was shaking when I walked up to the door. I knocked and it seemed like he was waiting by the door because he opened it in seconds. When he opened it we both went in for a hug. We stayed like that for what seemed like forever, then we let go. "Thank you for coming over" he said. I looked him in the eyes and they were red and puffy. He was crying. "I'm sorry" he stared " I miss you. I don't know why I was so stupid to let you go and slip away. I realized how much you mattered to me when you were gone. I was just all nervous." "Why were you nervous" I asked "I was hoping you would ask that" He said with a smirk as he got down on his knee. O.M.G. Was he really proposing to me. I stated freaking out. "I know that you probably are mad at me but, will you marry me Bryana Mariee Kerr?" He asked "Omg yes Niall yes a million times yes" I answer. He gets off his knee and picks up and he kisses me  passionately. "God I love you" I say "I love you too"


       (Sorry this isn't the best but oh well comment if you want one too!!)

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