Together Were Infanite

It started all at school when I met this girl named Emma. she is crazy beautiful just have to have her! Now its summer and you have to find out the rest.


2. School

Emma's POV

I hate school! Well doesn't everyone. *at school* ok I have my schedule and my locker. Now if only I knew where the rooms were. Well i asked someone and she was going to the same place so I went with her. Her name was May. She was really nice too.

Louis POV

Well it was time to go to Math. So i went to my locker and got my books and went to class. I was sitting there was thinking this id going to be another BORING math class.Then all of a sudden May walks in with this GORGEOUS girl. Thank god i had the only empty seat next to me. So she walking toward me and asked "Is this seat taken?" i said no. even her voice was beautiful. I just have to have her. So the teacher made me show her around and talk about all the classes. So i found out her name was Emma and thats a beautiful name just like her. She wore glasses and they fit her personality she was really quite. So after we were done getting to know the school and the teachers i asked her if she maybe wanted to go out tonight and she said yes I was so excited.

Emma's POV

My first day and i already got asked out! Im so excited for tonight. He is a really nice guy. *after school* I told my mom and she is really happy for me. Now all I need to do is get ready. This is what i picked out.

 Then i heard the doorbell ring and my mom got it. It was Louis. I was so nervous now. So after i was finished i went downstairs and kinda hid behind the doorway and i saw him. then i went up to where he was and said hi and he asked if i was ready to go and i said yes so we went. * at the place* he took me the movies we saw Monsters University. It was so funny and good. It was a really cute movie. So he drove me back to my house and we said goodnight and i kissed him on the cheek and he smiled. then i went inside and  I texted him. he said I was hoping for one on the mouth but the cheek is good too. Then I was up all night texting him till i finally fell asleep.

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