My best friend Jasper- a Jasper Hale love story-Twilight

Melony Zara is Jasper Hale best friend, but what happens when she develops feeling for Jasper?


4. Chapter 3

Melonys point of veiw


Alice dragged me upstairs and made me try on these outfits

and made me show all of them to the Cullens.


Jaspers point of veiw 


Melony looked amazing in the outfits Alice made her try on, crap I think that she just noticed me staring! Okay I admit she is my bloodsinger and I have wanted to ask her out ever since I met her but if i asked her out and she said no it might ruin are friendship, I would rather have her as just a friend than not have her at all. 


Melony's point of veiw

Wow Is Jasper staring at me thats awesome Edward started chuckling 'stay put of my head Edward!' I think to him 

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