My best friend Jasper- a Jasper Hale love story-Twilight

Melony Zara is Jasper Hale best friend, but what happens when she develops feeling for Jasper?


3. Chapter 2

Melony's point of veiw 


Jasper is in all of my classes witch is lucky because without him there I would be so bored I would die of boredom. At lunch I sit with the Cullens, so I grabbed an apple, a slice of pizza, and a water and went to the Cullens table and sat in-between Bella and Jasper, and started eating while talking about  video games with Emmett. Then they invited me over to their housesfter school. So as soon as the final bell rang I ran over to Jasper so he could drive me to there house. When Jasper saw me he smiled and walked over to me and picked me up bridal style, carried me to his car and put me inside it. We put on put seat belts and Jasper drove us to his house. When we got there Jasper helped me out of the car and opened the door to his house for me I walked inside and called "Hi Esme! Hi Carlisle!" "Hi Melony" they responded I sat down on the couch with Jasper and watched some tv. The others got here a few minutes later and Alice immediately yelled "FASHION SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh no 

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