My best friend Jasper- a Jasper Hale love story-Twilight

Melony Zara is Jasper Hale best friend, but what happens when she develops feeling for Jasper?


2. Chapter 1

If the link to polyvore dont work just type them on your search bar


Melony's point of veiw


I yawned and looked at my alarm clock it said 5:30am SERIOUSLY WHY DID I HAVE TO WAKE UP AT FIVE AM!!!!!!!!!!! I got out of bed, and took a shower. After i was clean i got dressed into this: and did my makeup. By the time I was done all of that it was 6:15 so i went down stairs to get some breakfast. I ate some toast then went back upstairs to brush my teeth. Its now 6:20 I sighed and decided to call Jasper, he is a vampire so he doesnt sleep so whats the harm in calling him? He picked up on the first ring "Hello" he said "Hey, whats up?" I replied "nothing what are you doing up so early?" "I woke up at five then got ready for school then I got bored so I called you" I replied "oh okay, do you wanna ride to school? i can pick you up in a half hour" He asked "sure I'll see you then" "Kay see ya bye!" "Bye!" I hung up and decided to put on some perfume and listen to music, I am sooooooo exited to have Jasper come pick me up. I admit I have a HUGE crush on Jasper but i dont know how to tell him, what if he didnt like me jen i would have ruined our friend ship. I was finishing the sixth song I was listening to when Jasper knocked on the door. I turned off my misic and ran to the door amd opened ot "Hey Jazz" I said "Hey Mel are you ready to go? He asked "yep" I replied grabbing my bag "Then lets go" Jasper said as we walked out of the house and into his car. Jasper started the car and in a few short minutes we were at school. Me and Jasper walked over to Rosalie, Alice, Emmett, Bella, and Edward. And we all walked to our classes.

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