Forbidden ~ Harry Styles ~ (On Hold)

* Harry is not famous in this story *

Many say how there are two kinds of people in this world.

In Pax town there certainly are two kinds of very different people. I never really understood the name of our little town, after all "pax" means peaceful in latin, but believe me, we're anything but.

From a very young age I've been told to stay away from them. You may call them The Rebels, but out here everyone calls them the lower class, the scums, the bastards.

We are very different from them, like North and South, hot and cold; we're complete opposites. Besides the constant rumours about them going around, I can't help but think what it would be like to be them for a day....

My father would never allow it. He'd never let his only daughter do anything close to danger.
Apart from all the warnings, there's always one of the rebels who catches my eye.

I believe his name is Harry, Harry Styles.

*This book is Copyrighted.* :)


1. The Rebels and I

I was once again strolling through the all-too familiar and boring pavement street. Or as some people call it "the rich part of town". My arm is currently looped between Luke's; my so called "lover". He was talking to some of his guests - more like bragging - about his acres of land and how strong or tall his house is.

 I silently roll my eyes at how rude he sounds.

 If I ever learnt anything from being surrounded by such people was that if you have anything to say... Well it's better to keep your mouth close in a tight line and smile.

 I returned my gaze back to the little group which consisted of my friend Bella, Luke and Bella's cousin; James. They all held tight smiles and nodded in appreciation.

 I let my ears briefly run over their conversation but I rapidly became bored and instead drifted into my own thoughts.

 I looked around for a bit and found something which oddly spiked some excitement in me.

 Between two houses, I could just see the tippy top of a building.

 The building belonged to the rebels, I could tell because it was a simple structure and not one of these luxurious over-grown homes.

 "Don't you think so Rachel?" My thoughts were closed up at the mention of my name.

 Glancing back at the little group, they all held expectant gazes while I could tell Luke was silently questioning my actions.

 "I'm sorry, could you repeat the question?" All I really wanted to do was be free in my imagination, but that would've been very rude of me.

 "I was saying how this would certainly be the perfect place to grow a family and have kids." He raised an eyebrow at me with a perfect white smile, that expectant gaze still reached his eyes.

 "I agree, it's very beautiful." I wasn't lying, this place was really picturesque, but if I ever had children I would want them to be just a little wild and let them have fun.

 "Of course, the children would need to be educated, mainly the basic skills if they are to become of high class." I gave him a questioning look at his statement.

 What does he mean by high class?

 "Well what about outside classes?  Would your children not have breaks?" I was starting to doubt his parenting skills by now.

 "Sure they could have two or three lessons outside. The physical lessons would be no problem for a boy, but a girl on the other hand would be-" My attention was suddenly not on Luke's speech, but on the exciting and slightly scary view in front of us.

 The rebels.

 But one rebel caught my eye the most and not for the first time. The one with the chocolate brown curls. He was at the front of the little group laughing with all the others.

 Luke must have noticed their presence because he stopped abruptly and gave them all a disapproving look.

 As if he had just realized, the curly haired guy made his way towards us, his gang following him very closely.

 "Hello there, Luke. Long time no-see." His voice was deeper than I imagined it to be.... It was beautiful. The perfect voice for a lover.

 I stopped my thoughts right there. Why am I thinking like this about a rebel?

 "Hasn't been that long, Harold." Although Luke had spat out half the sentence, he didn't even flinch.

 "Yeah, I know that's how you rich kids talk but my name's Harry, not 'Harold'" he tried to imitate Luke's voice and purposefully made it high-pitched.

 I couldn't help but let out a small giggle at the impression, but quickly stopped once I realized what I had done.

 For the first time he looked at me and in his eyes I saw clear shock. This was quickly replaced with humour as a smirk made its way on his face. Harry opened his mouth to speak, but before we could stare any longer I was pulled behind Luke, his body completely blocking me from Harry.

 "Just get out of here, scum." I visibly flinched at his tone and the insult. I had never seen Luke be so disrespectful, after all, they are still people.

 I could still feel Harry's eyes on me but I couldn't see him.

 After a little while he chuckled.

 "Fine. We've had enough fun anyways, right?" His gang gave out cheers and comments of agreement.

 They all turned to leave and I was finally pulled from behind Luke. I couldn't help but stare at them.

 At him.

 From the corner of my eye I could see Luke also watching them, but instead of curiosity his eyes held hatred.

 All of a sudden Harry turned back around and his eyes landed on me. He made sure Luke was watching before he winked at me and pursed his lips in the form of a kiss, directing it in my direction.

 My heart skipped a few beats. I raised an eyebrow at him trying to seem serious and professional, but failed miserably as the corner of my mouth twitched up to a smile.

When he saw this, Harry smiled back. His smile was unique. A sort of lopsided perhaps crooked smile but beautiful.

 I felt Luke grab my  rather hard and turn me around, dragging me towards some unknown direction.

 "Let's go. Your father wants you home early so you can get ready for the dinner tonight."

 I didn't know why but I was all of a sudden upset with him.

 Maybe for calling them scums, or maybe because he kept controlling my every move, either way I knew there was no way out of this dinner.

 I couldn't help but turn my head back to look over my shoulder.

 Harry's mesmerizing green eyes locked with mine, but all I could concentrate on were his lips as he mouthed some words.

 It didn't take me long to make out the words;

 "See you soon."

 He gave me a heartbreaking smile and finally walked off.

 I scanned over what had just happened and shook my head at my previous actions. I acted so childish.

 Maybe it was the rebel feel.

 I put that thought at the back of my mind. This was no time to act like we're in some dramatic movie.

 Right now I had to listen to what I've always been taught;

 "Don't get close to the rebels."

 But as we rounded the corner to my too-big of a house, I couldn't help but think of Harry's words.

 I need to get my life together.


 I decided to make my story a little bit different but still have captivation to it. Sorry for the crazy spacing but I find it easier to read it like this. Updates will be whenever I can but mainly Mondays and Wednesdays... :) Thank you for reading xo

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