Forbidden ~ Harry Styles ~ (On Hold)

* Harry is not famous in this story *

Many say how there are two kinds of people in this world.

In Pax town there certainly are two kinds of very different people. I never really understood the name of our little town, after all "pax" means peaceful in latin, but believe me, we're anything but.

From a very young age I've been told to stay away from them. You may call them The Rebels, but out here everyone calls them the lower class, the scums, the bastards.

We are very different from them, like North and South, hot and cold; we're complete opposites. Besides the constant rumours about them going around, I can't help but think what it would be like to be them for a day....

My father would never allow it. He'd never let his only daughter do anything close to danger.
Apart from all the warnings, there's always one of the rebels who catches my eye.

I believe his name is Harry, Harry Styles.

*This book is Copyrighted.* :)


15. The Butterfly

Shortly after Siobhan left, Harry took my hand a led me outside. It was a perfect night, the air was set to a neutral warmth.


"What's wrong?" He asked after a moment of silence. I held onto his hand tighter and kicked the small pebbles under my feet.


"Is it that obvious?" I questioned with a small smile, while inside I was terrified. A strong hope that Harry could solve all this, but of course that was untrue.


He shook his head, hair falling on his dark eyebrows. His hands moved to hold my shoulders.


"You seem a little tense." Harry commented, looking at me with concern. He looked up to the sky as a breeze picked up. Lightening contrasted the dark clouds which were painted above us.


"We'll continue this conversation as soon as we find shelter," his head moved back down as droplets started falling, "But for now...."


Before I had time to react, Harry picked me up and hoisted me onto one of his shoulders. He started running as I frantically held onto him. His laughter filled my ears, low and steady.


I could see a small hut just a few meters from us. A run down place, yet comforting if possible.


Harry placed me down on the dusty stairs while he opened the door. Our clothes were slightly damp, but it didn't bother me.


The door opened up quite silently to reveal a tidy room filled with a table, couches, a bookshelf and a fireplace.


I studied the room as Harry carefully prepared the fire. By watching him I could tell that he was very familiar with this task.


Hands on my shoulders were what made me turn back around.


"Come here." His voice was soothing, almost too good for the harsh world around us.


We sat on one of the couches, watching the fire intently. I knew he was suspicious, but he surprisingly kept him calm.


"Is it alright if I ask you to tell me what's wrong?" He was facing me now. I could see the light from the fire reflecting his eyes which only helped to distract me.


How was I to tell him this?


I'm marrying Luke, but it was not my fault at all... I'm just following his demands.


Surely, that was not the way to go.


"Harry, I-I don't know how to explain this. So many has happened in so little time." I couldn't escape the small sob that escaped my lips, and cursed myself for being so afraid.


"Rachel." I snapped my eyes back to him as he took my hands. "Many things happen in a short amount of time. But their not exactly bad." Harry's hand moved to my face and slowly ran his thumb down my cheek. "Take us as an example."


I stared at his face for a moment. His strong, handsome features displaying love. When he leaned in, I was in no state to deny him.


The feel of his lips was so soothing, that I completely forgot about my problems for a minute or two.


His hand still held my face, unmoving as if to keep us in that position. Feeling a little useless, I ran courage his actions by taking a hold of his neck. Little did I know that this was taken as a sign of approval.


Our lips moved together with little resistance from me. It was only when I felt his hand touch my leg that I remembered.


Here we were sharing such intimate moments and life had to ruin it with this turn of events.


I felt his hand rise higher, causing goosebumps to form on my skin. I had to stop. Not before I told him.


Moving my head back, I heard a small noise of disappointment coming from him.


"Harry, I need to tell you something important." Gathering my fear, I looked into his eyes.


"Did I do something?" His eyes held worry, yet the attempt to stay calm was still there.


"No, you did nothing wrong. If only I could say the same about other people." Harry's face hardened and his hold on my leg tightened just the remotest bit. "Luke announced something tonight that should've never come out of his mouth. He... Gave notice of our marriage."


I watched Harry's face turn to one of anger conflicted with grief. He stood up from above me and walked stiffly to the fire place. The tension was thick, and as he placed a hand on the stone wall just around the fireplace, I heard it thump against the impact of his palm.


"Can't you deny him?" He turned around, his dark eyes watching me. "He can't just barge in here and take someone like that. Not even asking for their opinions, or their love back." Those last words seemed to come out as a growl, sharp and prominent.


"I expected this.... It's all my fault. This was coming, but then I met you and you erased any thoughts of him." My tears were thick in my voice, making me feel like my throat was bubbling up with guilt.


Harry was immediately at my side, his arms wrapped around me. "Shh, you had no say in this. We'll figure something out." He reached forward and moved a strand of hair off my face. Then suddenly as if nothing was wrong, he looked at me with a small grin. "Besides, I have something which shows that I'll always love you. More than Luke or anyone ever will."


My heart welled up at his words, but I was rather confused as to what he was referring to.


As if Harry knew my thoughts, he stood up and started taking his shirt off .


"Harry!" I gasped and quickly covered my eyes. Never had I seen a men naked before which made my cheeks heat up, even if he was simply showing his chest to me.


His light laughter cooed my ears, "I want to show you something. Now, uncover your eyes." I shook my head rapidly, still embarrassed. I don't know how I would take seeing Harry half undress when I can just stay way when he's fully dressed. "Rachel, I really don't mind. I trust you." I felt his hands prying mine off my face as I let my eyes flutter open.


I gasped as the tears that were once forgotten came back to me.


Engraved on Harry's torso was my mothers necklace. The drawing was precise and outlined in fine, dark ink.


The ink on my necklace. That's what he had been up to.


I reached out and traced the outline of the figure. I looked up at Harry, my happiness clear on my face. "It's beautiful."


He smiled down at me as he caressed my face with one of his hands. "It'll be a good reminder of you."


My joy only grew, and for that moment I felt like I could conquer anything. So I grabbed Harry's wide shoulders, and conquered his lips.


Working on editing at the moment, so the chapters will be longer. I thought holidays would never come! I am planning and writing other stories as well as this one so apologies on the late updates.

Your positive feed back makes writing this book interesting so please tell me what you think :). xo




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