Forbidden ~ Harry Styles ~ (On Hold)

* Harry is not famous in this story *

Many say how there are two kinds of people in this world.

In Pax town there certainly are two kinds of very different people. I never really understood the name of our little town, after all "pax" means peaceful in latin, but believe me, we're anything but.

From a very young age I've been told to stay away from them. You may call them The Rebels, but out here everyone calls them the lower class, the scums, the bastards.

We are very different from them, like North and South, hot and cold; we're complete opposites. Besides the constant rumours about them going around, I can't help but think what it would be like to be them for a day....

My father would never allow it. He'd never let his only daughter do anything close to danger.
Apart from all the warnings, there's always one of the rebels who catches my eye.

I believe his name is Harry, Harry Styles.

*This book is Copyrighted.* :)


11. The Art of Acting

I felt wonderful when I woke up. As I stood up from my bed, I analyzed the events from the night before.


I had been at a 'rebel' celebration.


Although it didn't matter to me what they were or in what category they were put under. The truth was that they were right, we are all too blinded with ourselves to accept new things.


Luke especially. I had been filled with so many lies about them, even my father had been blinded by these myths.


I needed to let him know.


But the dangerous part was hiding last night from everyone.


Last night.... Harry.


He had been so gentle, even when we kissed.


His mouth never leaving my own, but when it did, it was for the sole purpose of showing affection to my neck.


My mother's butterfly necklace had tingled against my skin once he had brought it into his mouth and pulled it lightly with his teeth in an attempt to get a reaction from me.


And he did get a good one.


Little fact about Harry, he could make me act like no one else did.


He was definitely different.


I reached to touch the same cold metal butterfly which had once felt warm against Harry's lips.


It wasn't there.


I looked between the sheets of my bed, only to find it gone.


I felt irresponsible at losing such an important token of my mother's love to me.


Perhaps I dropped it somewhere.


As I heard my name being called, the smell of perfectly cooked muffins reached my senses and the growling of my stomach got me moving faster.


I made my way down the long hallway and just as I reached the stairs, I came face to face with Luke.


He looked surprisingly amused about something.


My body was pulled towards his, and his arms enveloped around me.


It felt wrong.


He didn't know about Harry, nor about my lying.


I was too guilty to say a thing, so I simply stayed in his arms while distastefully wrapping one arm around his torso.


Luke lightly kissed my forehead, but I moved back before he could get carried away with the simple action.


This made him frown and pull back.


"What's wrong?" I gulped rather loudly, I knew that this question was coming.


"What do you mean?" Acting innocent was my only option.


"We never spend any time together. Is it those rebels running around our lands? I promise you that once we marry, you will never have to see their faces again."


Once we marry.


Would Luke and I be together? Or was there a slim chance that it would be accepted to marry Harry?


This brought other thoughts into my mind.


"No, no, it's not the rebels. They haven't done anything to me. But I have been thinking that as you said we don't spend enough time with each other. That's why I think it's better to wait until we're sure about marriage." I offered my suggestion with a sweet smile.


But he simply stayed silent and looked at me like I had grown two heads. Then as if he had snapped out of whatever trance he was in, a little chuckle left his mouth. Soon, it appeared to him as if I had just told the funniest joke on earth.


His laugh could've been heard for miles.


"I'm sorry. You did always have a good sense of humor. Don't worry, I know how stressing it is to plan something as big. Now, I have to go but I'll meet you in my office at eight."


I frowned at him as he came closer to share a kiss.


Thankfully my father called me from downstairs and I immediately went running after shooting Luke and apologetic smile.


That was too close.


My dad's familiar face was happier than usual. The wrinkles beside his eyes were very prominent and his mouth was stretched into a beautiful smile.


"What's the cause of your happiness this morning?" I questioned him while pouring myself some juice.


His smile only got bigger before he replied.


"It is quiet a strange reason. Lets just say that last night when I went to ask you something, you weren't in your room."


I nearly dropped my glass at his sentence as I faced his now smirking face. But before I could continue with my excuses of the morning, he continued.


"Which only means that my little girl is finally growing up. Sneaking to see boys away from your father's eyes?"


My face pretty much mirrored that one of a child getting caught.


"You didn't think that I knew? Sweetie, I have been around way too many women to not know their secrets. Tell me, is it Luke you were seeing?"


At least his knowledge didn't go too far on that one.


He knew one thing; that I was seeing a boy.


Except Harry wasn't a boy, he was a man. Unlike all these other 'men' who would leave at any chance they got when it came to money.


"No it's not Luke. I'm not sure that I want to marry him, he seems like a perfect fit for someone else, just not me."


Hopefully not someone like Cashmere.


My father let out a laugh at my comment, and I was grateful for having such a calm and understanding dad.


"That boy's world is all about you. Every time we speak all he does is bring you up. He's a great guy, you do understand that?"


I did understand. He wasn't a bad guy at all. But to me, he wasn't better than Harry.


Maybe it was the dangerous aura surrounding him.


I mentally laughed at that. Harry was anything but scary...... Well to me.


We continued eating our breakfast, occasionally making jokes which were mostly from my dad.


He really is the best.


After I ate, I made my way upstairs. My legs bolted to a stop when I heard a bump come from my room, quickly followed by a curse.


The voice was very familiar, almost sounding like..... Harry.


"Rachel, are you okay?" My father's voice boomed through the house.


"Yes, I'm fine."


I ran to my room as fast as I could after hearing a few more noises.


Carefully opening my door, I came face to face with....




But I caught the move of my blinds, and as I reached the window I caught a glance of Harry's retrieving form.


He looked back at me before disappearing into some trees.


Thankfully Luke didn't see that, or he would have kept his promise of locking me away from any rebels.


But why was Harry in my room?


I looked around the space only to found my drawer open.


My underwear compartment had definitely been touched.


An immediate blush made its way onto my cheeks. Did he really come here just to steal my undergarments?


That's when I spotted a note which was nearly folded on my desk.


I took it in my hands and opened it to reveal Harry's messy writing.


"It appears you forgot something last night.


I would've left it to you inside this note but then I wouldn't have an excuse to see you tonight.


Meet me at the same bridge, tonight at eight.




That's where my necklace went.


I wanted nothing more than to spend time with Harry, but Luke wanted me to meet him in his office at the exact same time.


But I knew what I wanted.


I didn't want to marry Luke and no matter what he thought, we weren't in love.


He didn't love me just as I didn't love him.


But I loved Harry, and I was more than sure about that.


I was going with Harry.


Looking forward to the next chapters because the whole rebel feud goes into depth.

I'll see you on the next update :) Thank you for reading. xo

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