Forbidden ~ Harry Styles ~ (On Hold)

* Harry is not famous in this story *

Many say how there are two kinds of people in this world.

In Pax town there certainly are two kinds of very different people. I never really understood the name of our little town, after all "pax" means peaceful in latin, but believe me, we're anything but.

From a very young age I've been told to stay away from them. You may call them The Rebels, but out here everyone calls them the lower class, the scums, the bastards.

We are very different from them, like North and South, hot and cold; we're complete opposites. Besides the constant rumours about them going around, I can't help but think what it would be like to be them for a day....

My father would never allow it. He'd never let his only daughter do anything close to danger.
Apart from all the warnings, there's always one of the rebels who catches my eye.

I believe his name is Harry, Harry Styles.

*This book is Copyrighted.* :)


3. Meet me back here

Apparently Harry knows his surroundings very well. For the past five minutes he has been telling me all of his favorite streets. Streets that I had never heard of.


"How do you know all these places?" I questioned him after he had finished.


"Well, with being a "rebel" and all it helps." I laughed at the voice he made when he said rebel.


"What's so funny? That's what you guys call us, isn't it?" His green eyes were filled with amusement at this point.


"Yes, I guess I never understood how strange it actually sounds." He raised his eyebrows at me, shooting a knowing look with it.


"It's better than the names we call you guys." My eyes widened at this. He soon realized before his booming laughter filled my ears.


"I'm just kidding, but you do talk weird." I raised my eyebrow at his comment.


"Don't be silly. How do we talk weird?" His hand was still wrapped around mine, supporting me as I balanced on a fallen tree.


"Well first of all you just called me "silly" which is probably the most innocent insult I have ever gotten." He gave me a teasing smile, a playful glint looming deep in his eyes.


As our eyes locked I found it hard to look away. Well until my feet decided to trip over a stick.


I could not catch myself in time and fell on top of Harry.


My eyes were shut tightly when I felt a hand squeeze my waist. I opened them and found Harry's face filled with amusement, only inches away from mine.


I jumped back a little from the closeness, almost falling once again.


"Steady now. You should definitely fall more often." I looked away trying to hide the blush creeping up my neck as Harry waggled his eyebrows at me.


We continued waking as silence filled our surroundings. Only then did I notice that Harry's hand was no longer around mine, instead a cold feeling replaced it. I had the sudden urge to pull his hand back to mine, but I resisted the crazy idea.    

As if reading my thoughts, he wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer against his hard body. My eyes locked with his and I couldn't help but notice how they softened.


Just as he opened his mouth to say something there was a sudden screaming down the street.


Harry swore and it only took me a few seconds before I understood what they were saying.


"RACHEL. WHERE ARE YOU?" It was Luke, I was sure of that.


We were standing an old bridge which crossed a beautiful green park. Of course you couldn't see that it was green at night but I could tell by the softness of the grass.


Just as the voices got louder, a hand pulled me behind some bushes. My back collided against a warm chest before I was spun around.


"Harry, it's Luke. I have to go." A frown fell on his face at my words.


Just as I was pulling away, he pulled me closer to him.


"I'll let you go, IF you promise to meet me back here tomorrow night." His eyes were filled with determination.


"Harry, I'm not sure about this. What if my dad doesn't let me?" I could hear footsteps getting closer to where we were standing.


"Just tell him that you're going to visit a friend..." I resided my eyebrows at him. Did he really expect me to lie to my father? "Please." His plead was full of sincerity and I soon realized that I wanted to see him again as well.


I sighed but quickly reapplied with a simple, "Alright." His lips turned upwards into a beautiful smile.


"I have to go now, if your "friend" finds me here, he'll have a fit." He rolled his eyes when he said friend but finished his sentence with seriousness.


His hand came closer to my face, until one of his long fingers brushed my cheek. "And be careful, gorgeous, because I know where to look for you if you don't show up." With those words he was gone.


I stared after him for a few seconds before the bushes behind me started shaking. Just as I thought about screaming for Harry, Luke's worried face popped out from between the plants.


"Oh, my love. Are you okay?" I nodded my head and made a move to stand up, but before I could he lifted me up and carried me to the direction of my house.


"Luke, I'm fine. I can walk." He simply shook his head.


"We were looking for you everywhere. It was good that some people saw you leave the dinner. You're jus lucky none of those low scums found you. You're too beautiful to be walking around the streets"


I was lost in thought for a moment. Too busy comparing the way Harry talked from Luke's over-used comments. Luke had called me beautiful, but I couldn't help the small smile that played on my lips as I remembered what Harry had said. "You look hot tonight." Was that how rebels complimented each other? It sure was different... And I liked it.


"Rachel, are you alright?" I realized that Luke had probably been talking to me.


"Yes, why wouldn't I?" He eyed me suspiciously before turning his head back as if to check in case anyone was following.


"Well I asked you where your new necklace was." Oh no. What would I say? I took it off because it was too heavy? No, that would be mean.


"I have it in my pocket. I didn't want to damage any of the jewels." I smiled when he nodded and looked away.


"It would be lovely if you wore it when we get married. We an continue the talk from this morning now. I prefer if boys study history and-"


I stopped listening as I was still shocked. When we get married?  He was actually considering the talk from this morning?


I knew I wanted to get married but maybe Luke isn't the best person. He doesn't even know my favourite colour, sure we talk and we are seen as a "couple" but I don't really know much about him. He was a nice man, always gentle-like, I couldn't complain about his company.


This is not good.


I couldn't turn on my laptop this morning  -.- but anyways, here's the Monday chapter..... there might be another one posted today or tomorrow. Sorry if you think it's short. Thank you for reading xo

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