Forbidden ~ Harry Styles ~ (On Hold)

* Harry is not famous in this story *

Many say how there are two kinds of people in this world.

In Pax town there certainly are two kinds of very different people. I never really understood the name of our little town, after all "pax" means peaceful in latin, but believe me, we're anything but.

From a very young age I've been told to stay away from them. You may call them The Rebels, but out here everyone calls them the lower class, the scums, the bastards.

We are very different from them, like North and South, hot and cold; we're complete opposites. Besides the constant rumours about them going around, I can't help but think what it would be like to be them for a day....

My father would never allow it. He'd never let his only daughter do anything close to danger.
Apart from all the warnings, there's always one of the rebels who catches my eye.

I believe his name is Harry, Harry Styles.

*This book is Copyrighted.* :)


12. At Midnight

As soon as the clock struck eight, I made my way to my window.


There was no necessity in going through the door and risk being seen. 


Especially by Luke.


I really did have to apologize to him in the morning for not meeting him in his office.


A choice is a choice and this one is the one I had to make.


I carefully climbed down the railing, still terrified of the height that awaited under me.


Repeatedly I had tried to convince myself that I had chosen this to get my necklace back. But as much as the logical side of me wanted to believe it, I knew it was only because of one person.




The name by itself made my heart speed up at an uncommon rate. Was I already in love?


The warm yet new emotions confirmed every doubt that I had.


As I walked around the dark streets I thought of our first meeting. Of how he saved me and still made me feel safe.


Tonight I wanted a moment to think over this, and the best way to know was to be close to Harry.


No matter what occurred or how sweet Harry was, those familiar warnings bounced about in my head.


Going in between two buildings I was finally able to see the bridge.


The very clear silhouette of the curved wood.


And on it stood a tall man. His long legs were crossed, back against the side of the small bridge and looking forward as if thinking.


A breath left my lips as my foot clicked against the pavement.


This made him gaze in my direction, and after doing a double take he walked closer.


We met halfway and I wrapped my arms around his torso. He too did the same but let his go around my shoulders.


I was about to walk back from our embrace when I felt something under his shirt.


Slowly I let my hands wander around his back unsuspiciously. The action caused Harry to let out a satisfied sigh.


Then it hit me. He had a bandage wrapped around his torso.


The only question was, why?


Had he gotten into a fight?


As if realizing, Harry placed his hands on my shoulders before laughing lowly.


"Relax, it's not what you think. I can't tell you yet but it's not anything bad. I'm allowed to show you tomorrow and that's why this is a special opportunity."


Indeed it was. I had to tell him everything.


"Harry, I really need to tell you something-" I was cut short by his finger on my lips.


"Okay, but first I wanted to ask you something. Since we've never really done anything like this, I was wondering if you want to have dinner with me sometime tomorrow?"


I was at loss for words. Did he mean a date? His face was full of happiness and so was I.


"Of course I would love too, but first I-" Harry's happiness got the best of him once more.


"Great, because my family really liked you the other day and they thought you were a really amazing-"


This time though, I was the one to speak out.


"Harry, I would be more than happy to have dinner with you and experience so many new things. But what am I going to do with my family. My dad... And I know you aren't fond of him, but even Luke."


That was something that I was waiting to get off my chest for a while. One lone tear escaped from my eye at the thought of my father finding out about us. The very thing that belonged in a nightmare was me hanging out with 'rebels', let alone dating one.


Before I knew it, I was wrapped in Harry's arms. His body and frame blocking us from the world and troubles around us.


"Tell me what they said." His voice was coated with darkness and hatred. But his eyes which were aimed at me stayed portraying the same love.



"All these years they've told me about you. They said that you, nor your people, were good for me."


"They lied." He replied huskily, "You know they did, because I know you feel the same."


He ran his rough thumb against my cheek and got closer to me. I knew I was keeping this hidden, and I knew that if they found out I would be in trouble.


But most importantly I knew that this was Forbidden.


I watched as he gazed at me with so much raw emotion, but that dark look was still there.


Harry placed my hands on his chest, keeping the same thoughtful look as he had before.


"Rachel, I know the things that I've said about you or anyone of your friends before we met, and you would be angry if you ever find out."


He swallowed loudly, but continued.


"But I also know about the things that I've been saying for the past few days. This is strange to me, I have never been so in love and I'm slightly running out of ideas."


Never had I seen Harry Styles so defenseless not vulnerable.


I stood tall with my back straight and reached for his lips.


As much as his own lips' desperation was tempting, I only let my mouth linger there for a bit longer.


I pulled away but rested my head on his chest, hating the feel of coldness against my skin at the loss of contact.


"I don't know what to do. Is there a specific reason on why Luke or any of his friends hate the rebels so much? You must have a reason to dislike them?"


"I have my reasons. No matter how many times I try, they always won and got everything they wanted. But let me tell you something, never have I wanted anything more than when I saw what Luke had."


This brought my attention. It sounded important and serious, whatever it was.


"What was it?" Harry's eyes stayed on my face, studying me. Then he replied lowly.


"You." My heart raced as the word left his mouth and my face increased in warmth. "Ever since I saw you two together, I knew you were two different people. You weren't meant for each other but instead for someone else." Harry smiled while looking at me, his dimples becoming more outstanding as he caressed the side of my face.


"Someone else?" I dared to ask, sporting somewhat of a teasing smile. "Who would that be?"


His laugh played through the quiet night charmingly. It only took one pull of his hand to pull me closer and make our foreheads touch.


"Me. I don't care what anyone says, especially Luke. He thinks that you two are in love. He wishes to marry you." He stopped and closed his eyes for a moment. His voice had become louder and filled with anger. Once his green eyes were visible again, he continued. "But he knows nothing. He may be smarter than me, but he can't tell love."


I smiled lovingly at him. He understood everything. More than Luke ever will.


"I can't imagine a life with Luke. But one of my wishes would be to be able to be with you for as long as possible."


I accepted his open embrace once the words left me. My lips connected with his neck as I kissed him lightly. This wasn't a wild action, but the kiss showed how deep my love for him was.


One of his hands was placed on the back of my head and he let out a sigh.


"I think that we might have to change the date of our dinner for just a day. Your family is starting to get suspicious."


It was true. Luke would certainly be questioning me tomorrow morning, and I couldn't keep this hidden from my father for much longer.


"You're right. Lets wait a day."


He kissed the top of my head but didn't let go.


All I could think about was how we were going to do this.


As Harry was holding me, he took hold of one of my hands and placed something cold inside it.


I looked down at my hand and found my mother's necklace. The butterfly token had a dark smudge on it, and as I wiped it away I realized it was ink.


Where did the ink come from?


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