One thing

Ally's dad just got a job as the assistant manager for the popular boy band One Direction! So, her family has just packed their bags for London (which is where they will be staying while her dad is the assistant manager). Ally isn't so happy because she thinks that One Direction is just one of those stuck up boy bands. Well, someone may change her mind about that. After everything is settled everything goes great, until Ally and Louis start going out. They go on some dates but their third one in particularly is odd. That is when they both go missing and Ally finds out there is something about her that she never knew about. This story will include lots of love and sadness, as well as threats, romance.


1. Prologue

After He Told Ally

Ally's POV

MY ......DAD .......JUST .........SAID ..........I .........WAS .........GOING .........ON ..........TOUR .........WITH ...........ONE ......... DIRECTION!!!!!!!!

Before He told me....

"Alexandra And Amelia Farkas!!!!!! Get down here. There is something important I have to tell you both!!!"mi heard my dad yell from al the way downstairs. He did have a really loud voice.

"Gimme a sec dad!!! I need to do my makeup!!!" I yelled back.

"is your makeup more important than my new job?!?!?" He sarcastically yelled back.

"maybe it is!!!!!!" I yelled again but this time I was laughing. " Just give me a minute dad, ok?"

" Alright ally ( my nickname), but just so you know Amelia is already down here and she will probably know before you!!!!!" He said, but I could just picture him with a devilish smirk on his face. He always teases me since my mom is not here to tease me anymore.

"Alright dad, I'm coming!" I screamed as loud as I could just to get his attention. I had done my makeup so you could just barely tell I wore any.

"So ally and Mia, I guess you're wondering why I am so excited about this new job!" He asked as I came into the room. You could hear it in his voice and see it on his face that he was ecstatic.

Mia and I just stayed quiet and anticipated it to be something wonderful.

"Girls, you know how I have been trying the managing thing out? With singers?" He asked.

Yeah, my dad manages pop stars. He has managed Demi Lavato, Justin Beiber, and Rihanna. This is one reason that I love how he stepped in when mom died. He started this because managing is what she always wanted him to do.

" Well, I've found some new clients. But I won't be a manager this time, that space is taken. Instead,I will be an assistant manager!!!!" He exclaimed.

"for who?" My sister and I both asked in sync.

"Ok, so....... Don't freak out over this............ But, you guys know One Direction right?" He asked. My heart sank. These are the stuck up pop star boy band that "every girl" loves. Yeah, not me. Stuck up isn't really my type.

"well they are my new clients and they have a tour starting in 1 week. We will be going on the tour and tour bus with them." He stated with a huge smile on his face the whole time!

If only my dad knew what I actually thought of this.

"That's great dad!!!" I said with a fake smile. "When do we start to pack?"

"Now" he replied instantly. I looked at him shocked. "Only because you two girls will be spending the rest of this week bonding with them. You will be spending a lot of time with them. Just finish packing tonight and we will be going to breakfast with them in the morning. Please be on your bet behavior. I'm going up to bed. Good night, loves" he said as he yawned. Then he walked upstairs to his room with a big, sleepy smile on his face.

I wish I could tell him the truth.

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