One thing

Ally's dad just got a job as the assistant manager for the popular boy band One Direction! So, her family has just packed their bags for London (which is where they will be staying while her dad is the assistant manager). Ally isn't so happy because she thinks that One Direction is just one of those stuck up boy bands. Well, someone may change her mind about that. After everything is settled everything goes great, until Ally and Louis start going out. They go on some dates but their third one in particularly is odd. That is when they both go missing and Ally finds out there is something about her that she never knew about. This story will include lots of love and sadness, as well as threats, romance.


6. I'm sorry dad/Breakfast

I can't believe he just asked that.  I was going to go through this whole grand plan to ask if I could stay with Nadia(my friend) but he just had to ask.

i guess it's now or never.....

"I don't want to go on tour with One Direction. I've made plans to stay at Nadia's house. Her parents are ok with it and I will just take the bags of clothes that are packed for the tour to wear."

"Honey, I know that this is difficult for you, leaving your friends for  11 months to go on tour with a band. But, there will always be tough things in life, and...." My dad started to say until I cut him off,

"it's not about my friends dad! It's about One Direction!!!!!! I hate the boy brats!" I yelled.

"Ally, I know that. I just thought that you could understand. This is my first very big job as a asst. manager and I want it to go well. You are going and there is no further arguing. Conversation is over!" My dad said as he walked out of the room. He looked like he was about to cry.

I honestly don't think that my relationship with my dad will be the same during and maybe after this tour:( I guess it's time to go to breakfast.

(1Hour earlier)

Amelia's POV

As I am getting ready this morning I heard dad and sissy(what I call Ally) arguing and yelling

i mean, I hope they make up and stuff, but I don't want them to ruin this tour for me. 

I plan on getting together with one of the hottest boy bands members.( preferably the Irish one;))


Ally's POV

As Mia and I got to IHop, we realized that we were alone. The boys weren't here yet. I took this as an opportunity to talk to Mia about the whole situation with the brats.

"Hey Mia? Before the guys get here I just wanted to tell you that I am not happy with this whatsoever and that I know you heard dad and I fight this morning. You can go ahead and mingle and I will try not to. Ok?" I asked.

"ok." She replied. And just as she finished the boys walked it. And I must admit, they are all very hot.

"Hay girlies!" Harry said with a very cheeky smile as he sat next to Mia. Liam sat next to Harry and I, then Louis next to me and Zayn, and lastly Niall next to Zayn.

"Hi." I replied quietly, looking down. " I am Ally. Nice to meet you:)"

"And I'm single;)" Mia also said. " Lol, but seriously, my name is Amelia, but you can call me Mia"

Nice to meet you both loves." All the boys said.

we all talked the rest of breakfast, which lasted 3 hours!!! We talked about the tour and our lives here and just us. They all had fun while I am trying to avoid eye contact and talking.

I think I forgot to mention, I HATE THESE GUYS SO FU**ING MUCH!!!!!! (Not for reals tho! Real life I love 'em to death) maybe I did mention it.

well, Mia seems to have hit it off with Niall and Zayn and by the way they talk to her and her them, they like each other.

For me, I don't like any of them and feel very awkward at a table with guys I hate.

for awhile, I was just on my phone playing temple run. Then Harry put his hand on my leg and pulled it up higher......



So here is the long update to make up for my camping trip.

lol. Cliffhanger!!!!!!! Hope I'm not going too fast for all of my fabulous readers!!!!

I will try and update anytime that I can. But for the next update can I please have 10 likes?

thanks guys.

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love you all!!!!!

~~ Mrs.Ally_Styles;)


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